Nerf Strongarm 2-Pack - £14.99 @ Smyths Toys

Nerf Strongarm 2-Pack - £14.99 @ Smyths Toys

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Posted 7th Aug
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  • Includes: 2 blasters, 12 darts, and instructions
  • Comes with 12 Official Nerf Elite darts
  • Fire 6 darts in a row from each quick-draw, fast-firing Nerf Elite Strongarm blaster
  • The rotating 6-dart barrel flips open for easy dart loading and is hand-powered -- no batteries required
  • Dimensions 7L x 56W x 36H cm

This pack includes 2 Nerf Elite Strongarm blasters, so you and an opponent can blast into exciting Nerf battles! Fire 6 darts in a row from these quick-draw, fast-firing blasters. When speed and mobility are essential, bring these Elite blasters into battle. The rotating barrel flips open to the side of each blaster for easy loading and holds up to 6 Nerf Elite darts, so you can fire 6 darts before it’s time to reload. They have slam-fire action to rapid-fire all 6 darts in a fast, frenzied wave of foam! The set includes 12 Official Nerf Elite darts that are designed for distance, tested and approved for performance and quality, and constructed of foam with flexible tips. You’re in control of the action as you move the slide to prime and pull the trigger to fire.


Perfect to steam punk
good guns, decent kick, reliable and fun to play with. often around the £7-9 mark individually though. IMO better than the similar disruptor for the fun of the pop-out cylinder.
The spring on these becomes unreliable after a while and every few shots will miss fire. I've had it happen on a handful of these now.
Good guns for the price but either be prepared to return them months down the line or write them off.
Sister in law will hate this! SOLD
These are powerful when first used. I know as I had a stealth shot to the earhole whilst I was watching TV. I went full Homer.
I have these, the springs can easily be replaced with more powerful ones. Would highly recommend.
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