Nerf Zombie Strike Blade £15.30 @

Nerf Zombie Strike Blade £15.30 @

Found 18th Mar 2016
not available anywhere in the EU, unless you buy from Amazon uk 3rd party sellers for £25....

gets amazing reviews, all customs and postal fees are included in price, Yes I accept it is just a foam sword, but when you have a Nerf addict living in the house a £3 Tesco jobbie just wont do

You'll be the ultimate anti-zombie warrior with the Strikeblade toy. Zombies are attracted to noise, so you need a way to strike silently when you're on a mission. Raise your blade and get ready to tag every zombie who's unlucky enough to cross your path with the Strikeblade toy. Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
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this reviews sums it up perfectly

These are great Nerf weapons. Been using them hard with a 3 and 5 year old several times a week and sometimes daily for almost a year, and they are still holding up great. However, I almost feel these things need a few warning labels:
WARNING- hurts like crazy when a preschooler or kindergartner sneaks up and whacks you hard across any area of your body with little padding (ie. Shins, ankles, feet, fingers, etc).
WARNING- May cause tears in grown men or little boys when applied with too much force.
WARNING- May cause damage to glasses.
WARNING- May cause mothers to get that cringing/disapproving face every time they see you take advantage of a gap your kid left in their defenses to smack them in the bottom or poke them in the belly with one of these.
WARNING- Some children may learn quickly that they have a distinct advantage over grown ups by swinging in a low sweeping motion towards the adults ankles (see warning 1).
That last one should come with a yellow and red caution sign that shows a preschooler smacking a tall adult in the the shin while the adult is holding the other ankle and crying.
says does not ship to UK

says does not ship to UK

no it does not, you have to choose standard packaging!!
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