Posted 27 January 2023

Nescafe Azera Americano Instant Coffee - £3.50 @ Asda

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Our original roast, rich and smooth. A blend of instant coffee & finely ground roasted beans
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    I used to buy the decaf version of Azera. Can’t really believe this is a “deal”, it used to be the regular price until a month or two ago when the price leapt up to £6+.
    I stopped buying Azera then and started buying Aldi’s own, it’s a bit stronger so instead of a rounded teaspoon of Azera I used a flat teaspoon of Aldi’s and it’s just as nice.
    Standard price has never been £3.50 for Azera. I've been buying it for years so I know. Standard price used to be £5 and you could regularly get it for £2.50 on offer.

    Nowadays the cheapest you'll see it is around £3.50.
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    And it used to contain 100gms
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    I remember a time these cans were £2.50 for 100g
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    By the photo and indeed the web page. It
    Looks like it had an Asda reward on it. I’ve checked the reward app and can’t see it on there. So if you do buy it. Make sure you scan the rewards app. You may get lucky.
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    Shrink-flation at its finest!
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