Nescafé Azera instant coffee 100g £2.49 @ Waitrose

Nescafé Azera instant coffee 100g £2.49 @ Waitrose

Found 17th Mar 2016
Nescafé Azera instant coffee 100g
£2.49 and you can add it to your my picks and get even more off
loads at the Colchester store
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think i'll stock up while it's on offer, thank for sharing
co op is half price on all varieties at the moment
I think all major supermarkets have this coffee at same price. Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Waitrose
I think the deal is Pick your offers - 20% further off.
its always on offer somewhere

Overpriced to begin with!
Nice coffee but i agree with above comment
The coffee is yuck, not a patch on Milicano.
Great heat added
Nice coffee, but if I'm paying decent money I'd rather it be Fairtrade.
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60g for £1 at poundland
This is the best instant coffee I have tasted. I can't drink normal instant black, but this tasted great black or white.

Always stock up on a few tins when it is reduced down to £2.50 and only every buy at £5 in an emergency!
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