Nescafé Azera instant coffee £1.64 at Waitrose

Nescafé Azera instant coffee £1.64 at Waitrose

Found 20th Sep 2012
60g tin, works out £2.73 per 100g, half their usual price. Nice, quite full-flavoured instant coffee. Asda were selling it for £1.50 a tin, but now it's £2.00 a tin at Asda.
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Thanks for posting the deal I got an 85p off coupon for this sent to me today from Tesco where its currently 2 quid so I can get a jar for £1.15 but I will pick some up at waitrose too. Heat added.
I found this coffee to be a bit of a disappointment - quite 'wishy washy' actually.
Certainly not worth the usual price, IMO.
I first had a blind tasting as my sister buys this. I liked it and asked what coffee it was, so bought some. I usually buy Carte Noire when the price is right. At £1.64 it's worth a try. The £3.28 asking price for 60g (£5.48 per 100g) is a bit steep.
Out of all the instant coffee like this that I have tried this I think is the worst its bland with not much generally need more than one spoon of it to get anything from it.

However price is cheap so heat added.
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