Nescafe Gold Blend £4 - Morrisons

Nescafe Gold Blend £4 - Morrisons

Found 15th Sep 2014
Morrisons have dropped the price of Nescafe Gold Blend to £4 again - its on their offer page - seems to be three different varieties.


How big is the jar?

About 6 inch lol

Bu99er! Doesn't mention Gold Crema! :o(

£4 for 200g is a common price for Gold Blend, Sainsburys had the 150g refills at £3 couple of weeks ago - same price as this, which I still don't think is that great a deal as the cost of the packaging is far less than the glass jars, yet it's the same price.

I'm waiting for the magic £2.23 for 150g which will equate to £3 / 200g

love gold blend it's so smooth not as rich and bitter as the original stuff, hot

its the same price in Farmfoods too... I prefer Kenco Rich myself


tuh so wat

Looks like I'm have Nescafé tonight? Nescafé tonight!!

Need to get me some of this i love it have some heat!

Good price just bought 2 jars. Usually on offer for £5 so this is decent

decent price for it

Also £4 at Tesco. Kenco 200g also £4 at Tesco


tuh so wat

oh grow up



oh grow up

give over
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