Nescafe Gold Coffee (200g) ONLY £4.00 @ Poundland

Nescafe Gold Coffee (200g) ONLY £4.00 @ Poundland

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Nescafe Gold Coffee (200g) ONLY £4.00

Nescafe Gold 200g

NESCAFE GOLD is a well-rounded, smooth coffee
with a rich aroma. Golden opportunities await as you take a moment out
over a NESCAFE GOLD to savour the smooth taste and rich aroma to help
you notice the little moments around you that make life wonderful. Made
with Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, this blend offers a smooth,
satisfying taste and enticing aroma. Carefully selected beans, expertly
blended, make NESCAFE GOLD much more than a great tasting coffee. It's a
high quality, premium coffee that has been loved and enjoyed for more
than 50 years.


This isn't a bad price if you like this coffee. However Tesco have the 300g refill packs for £6.00, so this isn't mega cheap. And of course the 150g refill packs are often on offer for £2.40 with Waitrose PYO (Pick Your Own) deals.

£4 @ Poundland?? That's taking a mick IMO!!

The Poundland Gold Blend is slightly different to that that you buy in Tesco/Asda/Morrisons/Sainsburys.
Poundland sell GOLD not Gold Blend.
If you look at the pic in your link it's Nescafe Gold (same as sold at Lidl and Aldi) not Gold blend.
My favourite coffee is Gold Blend and one of my least favourites is Gold

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