Nescafe Gold Gingerbread Latte 8 X 21G £1 at poundland

Nescafe Gold Gingerbread Latte 8 X 21G £1 at poundland

LocalFound 24th Oct 2017
Nescafe Gold Gingerbread Latte 8 X 21G

£at poundland
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Blimey, I followed the link to the site, scrolled down and saw video about Poundland’s Nooky range, right funny
Seductive packaging but tastes like dishwater. I'm not being a coffee snob, instant Nescafe is fine, but this stuff doesn't even taste like coffee let alone gingerbread.
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I quite like the Gingerbread option (bought a few when it first appeared in Poundland, around 6 months ago or so) but the Irish Cream Latte is horrible, for me, anyway.
Shame they don't do a decaf version for us preggos! Would've got some otherwise. Good deal for those of you without babies in your bellies!
Like the gingerbread one as its very subtle and I also add a dash of milk to it to stop the dishwater effect, lol
Had it once and it isn't nice. The caramel one as well is vile.
I usually stick to coconut, plain latte, cappuccino, hazelnut or amaretto flavours. Don't like the others.
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