Nescafe original coffee 200g X 2 jars £5.50 at Morrisons

Nescafe original coffee 200g X 2 jars £5.50 at Morrisons

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Hope I have got this right noticed it this morning when i called in for bread but i'm not a coffee drinker so didn't take to much notice as I was in a rush. I'm sure this is right I think it said it was £4.50 a jar or 2 for £5.50.


Nice price
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[SIZE="4"]Got some today, it's £5.50 not £5 but still a great deal[/SIZE]

2nd that - it's £5.50 for 2 x 200g jars.

Nice and cheap for this coffee

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[SIZE="4"]Got some today, it's £5.50 not £5 but still a great deal[/SIZE]

Thanks have changed.:oops:

I hate nescafe but hey for u guys out there wilkinsons have 100gms freeze dried Red Mountain coffee ( better than nescafe) for 60p
Might help some!!
Before i start an argument as well i drink expresso black small and sweet

Got some the other day from Morrisons - pretty good deal.

I only drink Nescafe and usually buy the 'export' version from Home Bargains, B & M etc. I cant tell the difference. It used to be around £2.00 for a 200g jar but has gone up to £2.49 in recent months.
At £2.75 a jar with the Morrisons deal it was worth trying the real mccoy for a change.

Bought the 200g kenco deal in Morrissons on saturday.It is meant to be buy 200g jar of kenco and get a free 200g refill pack, but the had no refill packs instore. When we asked if they had more refills they said they would give you a note for a free refill at CS desk. We bought two jars, but noticed that at checkout the refunded the price of the two refill packs which are slightly less than the price of the jars. So 2 x 200g jars ended up costing about £5.50, which is a similar price to this deal, I happen to prefer kenco, but both are good deals.

Poundland and the like always have 100g for £1. I'm currently on Red Mountain Premium.

The 400g jars were £4 in Asda about 5 days ago.

Edit:I've just looked on teh Asda website and I must say I didn't realise teh 400g for £4 was such a good deal...I should have bought loads!
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