Nescafe Original Coffee Granules 500g, £8.19,

Nescafe Original Coffee Granules 500g, £8.19,

Found 20th Dec 2011
This is a better price per kg than when the 200g jars are on offer for 2 for £6/7.
200g jar at Sainsburys is £4.79 which equates to £2.40 per 100g (Tesco and Asda have just put their prices up to £5.19 per jar!!!).
When on offer at 2 for £7 it's £1.75 per 100g.
However, this deal at Amazon currently equates to £1.68 per 100g.
There are cheaper (and more expensive) coffees out there but this is the only one my husband will drink.
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similar price at Tesco
Morrisons have the 300g For £4.79 so only £1 odd is more for an extra 100g
Would have got one for work but not showing expiry date so not worth the risk.

Roll on when espresso goes on sale again. Has been £3.98 for ages
Pity it's rotten though!
Necafe in my Asda was £5 for 300g jar which is £1.67 per 100g. Only coffee under £1.50 per 100g i've seen recently is maxwell house rich blend, 300g (50% free) jar for £4 . Seems all the big stores have no real deals on at the moment so buying Carte Noire filter coffee 250g from B&M at 99p at the moment, posted a week ago. They also have a Lyons filter coffee (like the coffee bags) but the bag is smaller only 150g.
This seems an Ok price for coffee at the moment as there seems to be an agreement with the big stores not to have any real deals over xmas on coffee, but personally never pay over £1.50 per 100g.
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