nespresso coffee machine only 69.95 @ John Lewis

nespresso coffee machine only 69.95 @ John Lewis

Found 19th May 2009
saw this on john lewis, originally it was 99.95, now you can claim 30 cashback.
This isn't normal coffee machine. You need to get coffee capsules from NESPRESSO website. The capsule is made to keep coffee power fresh and great taste,many different flavor to choose.
This coffee machine should come with 12 different flavors capsules for you to taste and decide which one you like.

If you want a really nice cup of coffee, this one suits you. If you only need instant coffee, then this is too much.

Offer expires on 10 June 2009.
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Note: you can find it cheaper on Nespresso official site, but that one you have to pay delivery fee, in total 102 (72 after cashback). This one already includes delivery fee.
How much is the mandatory coffee for use with it, I guess it could be a bit like selling a cheaper Lexmark printer, where they make a killing from top up supplies.

just went to nespresso, seems to cost 26p/29p per item of coffee, ie. per cup. Gawd…=12

and yikes -…=16
already told u, if you need a nice cup of coffee, but are lazy for buying beans, making powder, waiting long time to make coffee, you can choose this one. at least u don't have to clean the coffee machine. the quality of this coffee is of high class.

If money is all you concern, OK. You wanna buy a cheaper coffee machine, you won't get the same taste as this one. buying an expensive one may do, but at the same time, you have to buy coffee beans and a blender for coffee beans, you don't wanna buy powder directly from coffee shop because they are not fresh after being blended for a couple of hours.That's why good coffee shops all have blender so that they can blend coffee beans and make fresh coffee.

when you consider the price,please also consider the quality of the coffee. Or at least try the coffee before you make any post!
Also please note that, in NERO, a medium cup of coffee costs about 1.5 pounds; in COSTA & starbucks even more.

Using this coffee machine you make even higher quality coffee than those coffee shops with a price of 29P, what more do you want?
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