Nespresso Coffee maker £50 instead of £99 (voucher redemption)

Nespresso Coffee maker £50 instead of £99 (voucher redemption)

Found 30th Nov 2007
This is a bit convoluted, Use telegraph £20 off a £100 spend voucher to buy either Magimix M100 Nespresso Coffee Maker, Blue or Krups Essenza Nespresso Coffee Maker, Slate (both £99) - use something cheap to bring the total up to £100 e.g. acceptance card £1 or halloween candles £1.50 then send off for Nespresso £30 cash back offer to bring total price down to £50.

Cash back valid for Nespresso machines purchased between 16th Nov and 20th Jan

I purchased a Nespresso machine this way last year and the coffee is fantastic. I've got the pdf with full details of the cash back but don't know how to attach it to this. It can be downloaded from John Lewis website.
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are u tied in to nescafe coffee 'pods'? if so, are these costly over the long term?
Liddle ol' me

are u tied in to nescafe coffee 'pods'? if so, are these costly over the … are u tied in to nescafe coffee 'pods'? if so, are these costly over the long term?

Yes......23p each + P&P but lovely coffee (nespresso not nescafe)
Anyone have a current code for the £10 off £100 ?

Tried ones available here & its out of date on all of them
If any of you guys are buying a machine PM me and i can get £15 referal in my nespresso account!

You can get info on the £30 cash back from 0800 442 442, that's nespresso's customer service number.

The coffee is amazing, don't waste your money on a machine that heats milk, it doesn't get hot enough if you like milky coffee (latte) just bung it in the microwave then add the espresso.

They have just released some LTD editions, the almond is very nice, i wasn't keen on the chocolate orange but like all coffee it's personal! they are 27p each.

They make a pod for longer cups of coffee, they are 24p but as Pete said, 23p a pod for the majority of blends, when you sign up online there is an offer of a taster box and you get a free wooden case for your pods.

The pods are bought online or from a couple of boutiques, the delivery is £3.95 if you order over 200 pods. I just pick them up when i am in London.

It may not be perfect but it's the easiest and best home coffee machine i have tried (and it really is an easy machine) the coffee snobs may say something but it's as good as a starbucks latte imo!

The only problem i found is cheaper coffee cups that fit a large amount of milk, the nespresso range is amazing quality but ££££££'s I got some plain sets in ikea £2.49 each!

These machines are the best "pod" coffee makers you can buy, they have pushed it as a high end product and the service they offer is also very good.
We have one of these and it's a real good machine, pity I wasted my money on a Dolce Gusto before I got one of these.

I've got a couple of the refferal vouchers if anyone needs one too.
Does anyone know what is the telegraph code

Diverse yes if i get one I can refer you how do I do that
Great Coffee...I have one but the price of the Satchets are very dear. They are 23p each only if you order in bulk through the Nespresso Coffee Club..Dearer on Ebay and they have the patent until 2011..Worth mentioning I think
Thank you, I ordered the one with the aeroccino for £129, then £109 and £79 when I get the cash back (well it is my Christmas present from my mum).
I looked at them in Harrods and the sample coffee i had was one of the best ever, so glad I stumbled across this offer.
Yeah, sorry, I should have mentioned the coffee capsules are expensive compared to other types of home coffee - however - the machines are very easy to clean (just press the button with no capsule in to run hot water through it) and there is no mess or fuss so we find we actually use the Nespresso instead of previous coffee machines sitting in a corner unused as its too much hassle to clean up afterwards.

Must admit the coffee is so good I tend to justify it by comparing to starbucks etc prices, 23/24p per capsule plus postage of £4.95 on 50/100/150 capsules and 1/2 price postage on 200 capsules.

Present for mother-in-law at £50 as she always has coffee at ours :santa:
JM whats the code from the telegraph
Telegraph code thread is here:…aph

It seems to change regularly but some kind folk are updating the thread
The one I used was: TEL258CCT200
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