Nespresso EN520 Lattissima Coffee Machine by De'Longhi, Red - John Lewis £148.22 (inc.£40 Pod Voucher) free delivery.

Nespresso EN520 Lattissima Coffee Machine by De'Longhi, Red - John Lewis £148.22 (inc.£40 Pod Voucher) free delivery.

Found 16th May 2014
This is the cheapest this has been and you also get 2 years warranty and £40 worth of Nespresso Capsules. Only issue is the red, however I'm willing to look past this for an almost £100 saving (before capsule gift card).

Product information

Savour delicious coffee at home with the easy to use Nespresso EN520 Latissima coffee maker by De'Longhi.

Featuring a stylish black/red finish, the De'Longhi EN520 Latissima was created especially for those who love coffee with fresh milk. And it couldn’t be simpler to use: thanks to the patented ‘Single Touch’ milk carafe and frothing system, you get a real cappuccino or latte straight into your cup or glass.
This machine has a high 19 bar pressure and advanced thermoblock heating system, which is ready to use in approximately 40 seconds for a fast and delicious espresso. The De'Longhi EN520 uses Nespresso capsules that are available in various blends.
Illuminated keys and automatic controls make it easy for you to select the type of coffee you want. The EN520 can also be personalised to remember the way you like your coffee, every time. And for completely effortless maintenance, the removable milk carafe can be cleaned at the touch of a button and stored in the fridge when not in use.
Delonghi patented ‘Single Touch’ milk carafe and frothing system offers beautiful coffee straight to your cup or glass
19 bar pump pressure and thermoblock heating for a faster coffee
Automatic capsule ejection into collection tray (fits 11 capsules) for seamless use
Adjustable drip tray allows you to use your favourite mug or glass for your drink
Removable 1L water tank offers easy refilling
Brand De'Longhi Capacity 1L Coffee Type Information Nespresso capsules Cup Warmer No Dimensions H25 x W17 x D32cm Eligible for International Delivery NO Filter Included Not applicable Finish Red Model name / number EN520.R Power 1300W Pressure 19 bar Removable Reservoir Yes
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Good price but not the most attractive machine

Good price but not the most attractive machine

Agreed - I'm not sure how this will look in my kitchen, but for the price I had to snap it up. I would've have taken a silver one at a bit more money, but at nearly a £100 more it's just not worth it.
Cold - I got a £70 voucher with my Nespresso machine last November.

Cold - I got a £70 voucher with my Nespresso machine last November.

How much did you pay for the machine?
Have been using this machine daily for a year and a half and it's been great. Hot deal!

How much did you pay for the machine?

His coffee machine or his time machine?

His coffee machine or his time machine?

I bought the Krups pixie at JL last week for £100 which I think is a bargain but this is better and may have considered it apart from we have a small kitchen and this footprint is bigger and also it will need to be cleaned as milk goes through it where as only water goes throughit but very hot at this price
yay. bought! thanks op
Thank you heat added just bagged myself one as a treat for giving up smoking it's been 5 months 1 week and 2 days

Thank you heat added just bagged myself one as a treat for giving up … Thank you heat added just bagged myself one as a treat for giving up smoking it's been 5 months 1 week and 2 days

*No smoking high five!*
I know these are convenient but this just seems like a false economy when Amazon are offering a bean-to-cup automatic cappuccino machine, the ESAM04.350.S with 2 year guarantee for £399..

These days I think it's £12 per kg of decent fairtrade organic beans bought wholesale in a club, while a nespresso cap contains 6 grams of coffee and costs 30p?

let's say the same shot in a bean to cup machine contains 14 grams of coffee, which is quite generous in Nespresso's favour, then the costs are as follows:-

beans = 71 cups per kilo = 17p per cup
nespresso = 1 cup per cap = 30p per cup

mathematically speaking if your household does 8 cups of coffee a day,

In nespresso world, it costs £2.40 per day, and £876 per year in capsules.
In bean to cup world, it costs £1.36 per day, and £496 per year in coffee beans

You'd save about £380 in the first year!

What this shows is that the bean to cup machine in 2 years of life (it's guarantee period) is pretty much guaranteed to cost less than coffee from any nespresso machine, the nespresso being the inkjet printer of the coffee world, while the bean to cup is the laser printer that doesn't mind what toner (beans) you use...


(Will be honest that I'm just annoyed because my posted deal for the cheapest bean to cappuccino machine available is languishing at -33 degrees while this soars to the stratosphere..)
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I bought this in January - the red one, I really like its design. It's very compact, it really is a wonderful piece of engineering,

I'm quite impressed with the coffee it makes too; they've come an awfully long way with their milk frothing design in the past 10 years. The advantage of being able to unplug the milk tank and stick it back in the fridge is huge; the self-clean cycle is very quick, about 10-15 seconds; interaction time to make a coffee isn't that much more than instant. Certainly a hell of a lot less than my manual machine setup.

The main thing I'm trying to figure out is whether I can use descaling liquids other than the £7 Nespresso kit can be used; on London tap water it needed that after about 4 months of daily use (2-3 per day).
Re water, will using brita tap water make a difference?
I don't know - I suspect it will remove some of the impurities but I'm not sure how much. I used to use that in Australia (the water was REALLY hard where I was living then) but London tap water is better than that; I'm not sure how much difference a standard carbon filter makes, I'll get one of the jugs once I can bargainwhore one down in price.
I have the older model and I just use the sachets from tesco to clean it.

Just make sure you rinse a few tanks of water through afterwards.
Thanks Cheeseslice - is that a Tescos branded one?
In the UK, the water should be fine. It's all been passed by the management!
Thinking of getting this ... Anything to go along with this you guys would recommend?!
I bought one of these around Christmas time and it's a great machine that makes really nice coffee. I think it was nearer £200 so this is hot!

One top tip, heat the cup before making the coffee as it isn't the hottest in the world but perfectly fine.
Great machine, and great (no hassle) coffee. Hot
tempted.... could probably sell my U and Aerochino for 80 quid, so with 40 quid coffee voucher, it's a cheap upgrade... just not sure I need it as on average only make 2 or 3 cups a day....
I'm using these Ikea drinking glasses that seem to fit the latte size perfectly - they're not double-hull or anything but they work a treat. I find also that the compatible cartridges are generally not that great; cafepod were ok but the Dualit ones were awful and they actually don't fit through the machine properly; they get stuck in the chamber, they're not properly sized/shaped. Ultimately I didn't find them that much cheaper (about 3p per pod) and the Nespresso ones were far better so I stick with that; it's just a bit odd having to go to a boutique in central London to buy your coffee from someone in a suit.
Just wondering if anyone knows where to get
cheap alternatives to the nespresso pods?
Waitrose had the Cafepod ones but they're very unreliable about stocking them - they were about 30p per capsule. The Dualit ones were at Sainsbury's for slightly less I think - neither were worth it in my opinion (official ones running at 32-33p per pod).

I buy oust. £1.50 for a pack of 3. Normally stick 2 through when I bother to clean out the machine but it's every 6 -8 months.…407

The model I have has been used most days for the last 2 1/2 years.
Looks like it's expired sold out
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