Nespresso free delivery when purchasing 100 capsules

Nespresso free delivery when purchasing 100 capsules

Found 17th Nov 2015
Nespresso website has an offer for free delivery when purchasing 100 capsules on orders that include 30 of the limited edition capsules.

Normally you need to purchase 200 for free delivery.
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Hope George Clooney comes with
Don't know how to edit on mobile app so here's some more details:

Get FREE standard delivery when you order 100 or more capsules, including at least 30 of the Limited Edition Variations.

Offer valid until 29/11/2015

The limited edition flavours are: Ciocco Ginger, Vanilla Amaretti and Vanilla Cardamom. Quite unusual flavours so not sure I'd want to order any of those without trying in the boutique first, although guess ginger could be good for gingerbread late fans!
The ciocco ginger is really nice.
Cheers. Tried the ginger one, quite subtle. Not sure about cardamom one, not tried it.
Would agree ginger one is not much to shout about although liked the amaretto one
Tried the ginger last week and not keen. Bit of a strange aftertaste but wouldn't really identify it as ginger.
great thank you op!
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