Nespresso machine + Aeroccino milk frother £97.22 (+ cashback after purchase)

Nespresso machine + Aeroccino milk frother £97.22 (+ cashback after purchase)

Found 12th Dec 2008
Nice discount on this particular pack of Nespresso machine plus the aeroccino milk frother for great cappucinos and lattes.

Price is £67.22 after the £30 cashback direct from Nespresso, get the voucher by going to…=uk
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no reason for cold, the aero is around £40 alone. the only downfall is the capsules have to be ordered off the net that what puts me off buying one,
Buy a machine that allows use of ground coffee too if you must have capsules. The pods are SO overpriced and offer little benefit, at least that way you can try out differnt blends and types.
Good deal. Nespresso is the best of these types of machine. Would prefer a deal on one of the higher spec models though:)
I love the flexibility of a normal espresso machine (have Pavoni at home and I roast my own batches of green beans) but it does get quite messy and takes time, both of which are incompatible with the office environment.

Except for the more exotic (and expensive) Gaggia and Lavazza pod systems the Nespresso is the only clean way of having a good shot of the stuff at the office so at this price it was almost an impulse buy! No more starbucks for me yay

It couldn't be cleaner you never even touch the spent pods. The lever releases the old spent pod and lets you put a new one in, you press the button and out comes the magical juice. The old spent pods drop into a box which you just throw away (or eventually recycle when it does come over here)

The new pods are actually nice to look at so you can have them in a jar or in the fancy nespresso display cases.

The 2nd best price I saw for this was at The Emporium for £112.55 delivered, so this is a nice discount. If you're looking to buy a clean, hassle free espresso machine and like the idea of making nice hot foamy milk for your cappucinos then go for it.
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