Nespresso machnes on subscription inc coffee £18 p/m 12 months £216

Nespresso machnes on subscription inc coffee £18 p/m 12 months £216

Found 4th Jul 2017
Nespresso are doing a deal where for 18 or 45 a month you get a machine and the same amount back in coffee or accessorries every month, so the machine is free essentially.
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This has been on since last year if not longer
£18 a month gets you 50 capsules so that gets you on average 2.7 cups a day at a cost of 36p a cup but who in there right mind would pay £18 a month for one of theses horrible machines certainly not people who enjoy coffee X)
Tried most of the coffee capsule machines and have to say that Nespresso is by far the best I've came across when you consider the actual taste of the coffee and the real ease of use and cleaning. However, as someone who really enjoys a good strong cup of coffee I recognise that everyone has different tastes.
Love Nespresso...... great coffee
If you use £25 a month worth of capsules then this is a good deal.... However I think I would struggle! Heat added for the initiative of the offer.
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