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Posted 28 November 2022

Nespresso Original Advent Calendar £20.50 delivered with code @ Nespresso

£20.50£4150% off
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OL Advent Calendar 20 capsules of roast and ground coffee,
1 capsule of decaffeinated roast and ground coffee,
3 capsules of flavoured* roast and ground coffee for the NESPRESSO system.
INGREDIENTS: Roast and ground coffee, natural vanilla flavouring with other natural flavourings.
*INFINIMENT GOURMAND SAVEUR NOISETTES* - *Hazelnut flavour. INGREDIENTS: Roast and ground coffee, natural flavouring.
*INFINIMENT FRUITE SAVEUR FRAMBOISE* - *Raspberry flavour. INGREDIENTS: Roast and ground coffee, natural raspberry flavouring with other natural flavourings.

Contains negligible amounts of energy, fat, carbohydrate, protein and salt.
Packaged in a protective atmosphere

1 Origin Collection Espresso Cup, Made in China.

Net weight: 131,7 g - 4,64 oz
(1. roast and ground coffee tbc 111,2 g - 3,92 oz, 2. decaffeinated roast and ground coffee 5,7 g - 0,20 oz, 3. flavoured roast and ground coffee 14,8 g - 0,52 oz)

Festive is the season for giving and we are feeling generous! For a limited time only, we’re giving you an exclusive 50% off our Original and Vertuo Advent Calendars with the code ADVENT50*, to make the Festive countdown even more special.
So with 1st December nearly upon us, be quick and order yours today. The festive treat that keeps on giving. ORDER YOURS

Celebrate with indulgence

This year, every moment of the Christmas countdown is filled with indulgence and discovery with Nespresso’s 2022 advent calendar. Behind each door is a different coffee, including three co-created with renowned architect of taste Pierre Hermé, as well as a little extra for the 24th day. Presented in a tasteful box, that can be used and reused, the calendar is filled with Original Line coffees according to your preference. A treat that keeps on giving.

Nespresso More details at Nespresso
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  1. Avatar
    The original pods are back in stock!!
  2. Avatar
    Don’t care if its 50% off, paying around 80p per capsule is a joke.
    They can make the box as pretty as they like, its like ‘polishing a turd’ of a deal
    Shall we put you down as a maybe then?
  3. Avatar
    I really want to like this. I'm a sucker for some their stuff but ... ultimately aren't we talking about maybe 80p a capsule (or something not far off) ?
    It could be a great gift for a loved one! 80p - better than buying coffee from outside!
  4. Avatar
    People need to take the chill pill. This is clearly a gift box and gift boxes are never best value for money.

    What's next, are we going to complain that the Jack Daniels gift box costs £5 and is only 100ml of JD and a glass? Jeez. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    So that's £5 for the espresso cup, £8 for the capsules and £7.50 for the cardboard. Where do I get one!
  6. Avatar
    Thanks for the share. Ordered (edited)
  7. Avatar
    The vertuo advent calendar which is the only worth it one is out of stock - very annoying
  8. Avatar
    original > vertuo
  9. Avatar
    Haha WHAT!!! 5g ground of dead coffee for 80p. Y'all better have gold lined undies
  10. Avatar
    Damn thought I was getting a corner sofa for 20 quid!!
    Hahahaha! That cracked me up bigtime!
    It does look like a corner sofa from the image actually! lol
  11. Avatar
    Ordered! Thanks OP
  12. Avatar
    Is it one capsule per day?
    Yes, but then on 24th there's a surprise and it looks like a few capsules on that day.
  13. Avatar
    Nespresso’s 2022 Advent Calendar fills every moment of the Christmas Countdown with indulgence and discovery. Presented in a joyful, reusable box, the calendar is filled with 24 Original Line coffees, plus a little extra for the 24th day. Behind each door is a different coffee blend, including three co-created with renowned architect of taste Pierre Hermé. A treat that keeps on giving.
  14. Avatar
    Just saying, but last year the offer was pay for 60 capsules, get 80 delivered and a free advent calendar.. So essentially £24 for 80 capsules and an advent calender
  15. Avatar
    Such a shame it isn't the Vertuo plus pods!!
  16. Avatar
    cold - £5 per sleeve of 10 is awful. The reason i stopped ordering from Nespresso, I can get aluminium ones from Aldi cheaper or branded ones at supermarkets for £2.50-3.
  17. Avatar
    Maybe just buy this and decorate the box of you don't like Friends....
    Friends Nespresso coffee advent calendar - 24 days friends nespresso compatible aluminium pods Coffee Advent Calendar 2022 amzn.eu/d/i…IZI
  18. Avatar
    Out Of Stock
  19. Avatar
    I think it looks nice gift for coffee lover in your life
  20. Avatar
    Dammit! OOS!
  21. Avatar
    The Vertuo is back in stock, I just got one, thanks for posting OP x
    Looks like it's oos again
  22. Avatar
    Coffee pods