Nespresso Supercharger espresso at Sainsbury's for £2

Nespresso Supercharger espresso at Sainsbury's for £2

Found 5th Sep 2016
Acidity: Medium high
Strength: Strong
Body: Smooth and creamy
Tasting notes: Sweet caramel, brioche, milk chocolate

Life favours those who do.
The bold, the passionate, the restless, the determined.
Those who get on with it.
These are the people we make coffee for.
These are CaféPod people.
We believe in the mantra 'quality in, quality out'.
That's why we invest time and energy into sourcing great coffee, great partners and great people.
All this in the pursuit of one thing: Good Strong Coffee.

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Price is correct but description and link are for a different product.

I bought a pack of these and although they aren't a patch on the likes of the Nespresso Dharkan or Kazaar, they're actually not bad at all.

Not what I would call strength 12 but the bright packaging caught my eye (nice packaging design too, they open up as a pop up carton dispenser).

For £2 I'd buy them again and definitely much better than the Taylors of Harrogate pods which were just bloody awful.…55g

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