Posted 6 February 2023

Nespresso Vertuo Pop Sale £49 & 50 Free Capsules £49 @ Nespresso

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About this deal

Was £99 now £49 with 50 Free Capsules.

1 x Sleeve Melozio Boost
1x Sleeve Stomio
1 x Sleeve Barista Creations Bianco Doppio
1 x Sleeve Altissio
1 x Sleeve Fortado Decaffeinato

*Variety subject to change based on stock availability

Other deals available if you go via the Nespresso Plus subscription page and "Add a machine".
Nespresso More details at Nespresso
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A heads up.

This is the closed, pod system from Nespresso so there are no current third-party pods (apart from some Starbucks which are made by Nespresso themselves according to reports).

This means that you'll potentially need to order pods directly from Nespresso.

If you want to use third-party pods, look at the older, open system from Nespresso (smaller capsules).
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  1. wdh's avatar
    Important for buyers to understand that there are NO ‘compatible’ pods for the Vertuo system. Nescafé lock in!
    The classic nespresso pod is nowadays a fairly open system. Not this one!
    WhaleTrain's avatar
    I believe the only reason this happened though was due to the fact the patent expired in 2011 and they failed to protect it via court.

    Which is a win for consumers.
  2. adamnsu's avatar
    Hi. My Nespresso machine which used to use the smaller pods is write off.

    I dont want to buy a Vertuo yet, but are there any good quality machines which use the smaller capsules? If yes, some recommendations will be much appreciated
    BigOrkWaaagh's avatar
    I'm using the L'Or Barista and it's great. Takes big pods too if you want a big coffee (or two little ones).
  3. Dave_Clark's avatar
    Already posted
  4. BustyB293's avatar
    Pods are silly silly price 
  5. gabesdad's avatar
    Saw this yesterday and still can’t sell myself on pod coffee without some way of having a decent reusable pod system.

    Any suggestions as to a good one so can use my own coffee?
    jb90's avatar
    Nope, don't bother. Such a hassle trying to clean reusable pods and fill them correctly - they are tiny compared to a portafilter, making both activities annoying.

    Bean to cup is the way to go.
  6. pb-live's avatar
    I really love my Vertuo machine. I've used all the pod machines and this one makes the best coffee out of the lot. I was lucky enough to get the half price subscription offer so maybe best wait for that to come around again.
  7. jb90's avatar
    Who in their right mind would pay for a Nespresso machine? They give them away practically free if you sign up for a subscription. And with Vertuo, Nespresso is the only place to buy the pods!
    Ashe's avatar
    The deals for a subscription when you buy a machine are often better than the deals for a machine when you buy a subscription.

    You are also usually locked in for a certain period if you buy a subscription that comes with a discounted machine. (edited)
  8. Robin_Nesbitt's avatar
    In fact you get another 12 pods free with the machine so 62 in total. If you also buy the min subscription of £20 per month, (can be cancelled anytime) the free sleeves count towards a free sleeve. I bought one more sleeve of 10 pods and then got a free sleeve of my choice. So I got the pop machine plus 102 pods for £55.50, great value.
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    How do you get the extra 12 free pods?
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