Nest of tables £5 @ B&M

Nest of tables £5 @ B&M

Found 2nd Aug 2013
across the country im told as long as in stock i was told! was £29.99 then £9.99 or old stock £5.00
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    i do like the way most of the display furniture in B&M seems to be falling to pieces before its even been used...
    and more often than not the label says kuality produkt
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    Thanks for your useful comments !
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    unless your thinking of using them as a work bench this is a good price for a nest of tables if u can find better please share
    I've got a b&m range of furniture in my lounge. I can't fault it! Even had comments on it saying it looks like real wood and where did I get it from! So don't write something off just cause its from there and cheap! Hot from me
    saw this the other week for a lot more than a fiver great deal
    which store ?
    Hot. Worth the money even if they fall apart.
    Nice! Hot
    Not in the store located in Hayes!
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