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Posted 23 September 2022

Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Wired S3003LWGB - £80.95 / Battery version £84.63 with code (UK Mainland) @ Toolstation / ebay

£80.95£101.1920% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Good price for Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Wired S3003LWGB at £80.95
Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Battery S3000BWGB 854448003716 is also available for £84.63

Item Description

  • Detects smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Voice alarms with custom location
  • Nest Protect sends phone alerts for smoke and carbon monoxide detection, low battery (battery model only), and sensor failure
  • Detects fast and slow burning fires
  • Silence from your phone using the Nest App

This alarm conforms to the latest British Standards, but further intervention may be required to wake sleeping children. Includes voice alerts which have been shown to be more likely to wake children than standard alarms.

Know more, worry less. Google Nest Protect looks for fast-burning fires, smouldering fires and carbon monoxide. It also tells you where the danger is. You can even silence a false alarm from your phone. And in case you're not at home, it will send an alert to your phone.

If in Scotland, the law is changing which impacts on Fire and Smoke Alarms, the law places the onus on the HomeOwner and/or Landlord, if in doubt please contact your local fire prevention officer for advice or consult the factsheet

This product fully complies with UK (UKCA) and EU (CE) regulations
Keep your family safe and your home protected by using this Google Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It??s a smart smoke alarm that thinks, speaks and alerts your phone whenever there??s a potential danger.

The alarm has a split-spectrum sensor, which uses two wavelengths to detect smoke from both fast-burning and smouldering fires. If something??s wrong, you??ll know immediately ?? it sends real-time alerts to you, and everyone in your family. If the alarm is sounding but everything is under control, it??s quick and easy to silence via the Nest app on your mobile phone.

You can test all alarms with a tap, and also be reassured that the alarm tests its sensors every day. When you walk under the Nest Protect alarm at night, a pathlight will switch on to help you find your way.

  • Split-spectrum sensor detects smoke and carbon monoxide in your home
  • Uses two wavelengths to detect smoke from both fast and slow-burning fires
  • Real-time alerts to your mobile ?? you??ll know immediately if something is wrong
  • Easily silence the alarm from your phone using the Nest app
  • Continually tests itself to ensure sensors are working properly
  • Voice alarm gives you an early warning, and tells you where the danger is
  • Pathlight feature lights the way at night, when you walk underneath it

This alarm conforms to the latest British Standards, but further intervention may be required to wake sleeping children. Includes voice alerts which have been shown to be more likely to wake children than standard alarms.

This product fully complies with UK (UKCA) and EU (CE) regulations. In Scotland, the law on fire alarms has changed as of February 1 2022 and which now requires all Scottish homes to have interlinked alarms. The law places the onus on the homeowner and/or landlord. If in doubt, please contact your local fire prevention officer for advice.
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  1. Avatar
    Decent bit of kit, I paid £74 in February 2022. One had 9 years of life and the other about 9 years 10 months.

    I'd suggest click and collect - check the dates, if it's anything under 9 years ask them to swap it out.

    The night light feature is pretty good - when it goes dark it turns into a pathway light, as mine is wired I just set mine to turn on when it gets dark and stays on until sunrise. (edited)
    Yeah one I got was 3 years old, luckily it broke last week and started shouting everywhere that it's sensors has failed and to replace, luckiky tool station replaced right away and the new one has over 9 years left.
  2. Avatar
    "this doesn't meet Scottish regulation". Just getting in there first
  3. Avatar
    Inb4 someone mentions Scotland

    Not a bad price for wired version, many thanks! (edited)
  4. Avatar
    "80 quid for a smoke alarm?! Madness!"

    (Just getting that in before others)

    Good price for the wired version. The battery version has gone down to around £79 previously. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    I replaced all mine when the new Scottish regs came in. I got the whole house kitted out with interlinked heat & smoke alarms for the cost of one Nest Protect. In retrospect, these are way overpriced for what they offer and the additional functionality adds very little IMHO. I flogged the old ones on ebay and ended up making a small profit with the changeover :-)
    Which alarms did you buy
  6. Avatar
    We travel quite a lot so having one central detector that alerts my phone when it goes off is very reassuring. Rest of the house is just regular alarms.
    What exactly are you going to do from thailand when it goes off. False assurance im afraid.
  7. Avatar
    Just seen these at Screwfix live, was quite impressed tbh. Went nest heating a while back so this ties in well, bought 2 battery, thanks op
  8. Avatar
    I have 4 of these. You won't understand unless you own them. 
    1) Pathlight glows when you're going toilet. 
    2) My little one gets up in the night so the next day I can check how many times they set off the path light off and what time. 
    3) Checks when the lights go out that the sensors are okay. 
    4) I have building works happening now and working from home so when it alerts me that there's smoke I know its the builders cutting something nearby and I can silence it from my phone. 
    5) Detect early signs of smoke, 
    6) Also, use it for presence sensing with my cameras which also use it for home/away settings. 
  9. Avatar
    These like most other alarms only have a 10 year life span and realistically it's probably less than that so when the time comes you'll wonder what kind of madness took hold when you shelled out 80 squids for a smoke alarm that's now in the bin. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Do not get one of these if you vape. Speaking from experience
  11. Avatar
    Does this detect heat? Is it suitable for use in a kitchen or utility?

    Currently have sealed battery Fireangel heat alarms in the kitchen and utility, sealed battery Fireangel smoke alarms on each hallway (3 floors), hardwired Aico smoke alarm in the annex and a battery operated Fireangel CO detector in the kitchen next to the gas boiler..

    These do appeal to me though..
    Its not a heat alarm. It's smoke and carbon only
  12. Avatar
    Will this work with home assistant?
  13. Avatar
    Google Nest will (sometimes) replace the alarms within the lifetime expectation of the alarm if there's a fault. This means, I suppose, that you could have twenty years of alarm life if your first alarm fails in the last month of its expected life.
    Guarantees normally only run for the life of the first product meaning the new alarm would only be covered by the first alarms life to stop exactly this. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Best smoke alarms