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1000 Bonus Nectar points on your next eBay purchase of £5 or more
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Offer must be loaded to card, I did mine via the nectar app. Valid till 1st Jan 2019 See image
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Must be account specific, nothing on mine and very rarely get eBay offers on nectar app (shock)


Duff link


Yea it’s being posted every few days at the mo...always account specific. And I think number of points also varies between accounts.


I guess it's account specific then. I had an email this morning of this week's nectar offers

Nest Learning Thermostat, White with Installation £219 from Nest
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Before voting down on the price alone, please bear in mind that this is for the White version and includes installation via Nest themselves (and piece of mind for those maybe DIY s… Read more

Someone should expire this. It was a really good deal though. I bought the Nest on the £150 with stand from Screwfix, but now have been quoted £130 +vat for installation!


Not quite, I had to rewire the internals of my boiler as the old thermostat had a different layout. And my ham fistedness broke the heatlink, I explained my predicament and held my hands up to being too heavy handed and credit to nest, they sent out a free replacement. Got it working in the end, but be aware, some boilers may require additional wiring, my Worcester Bosch 24i did.


I had a gas engineer install ours for £60. I could have done it but it meant removing the boiler cover which I'm not qualified to do. £140+vat is mental.


Up to £229 now.


If you already have a thermostat, then do not pay for installation. If you can hold a screwdriver you can do it yourself. If you don’t already have a thermostat then pay for the instal

Nest Protect 3 Pack (Wired) £257 @ Nest
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
I know quite a few recent comments have indicated that people (including me) are looking for a deal on the wired Nest Protect smoke alarms. Although there are cheaper options av… Read more

Seems to be the only deal on these. Worth getting? Works out at £13 each less than going rate on singles (can’t find anywhere else doing wired 3 pack all battery) - so still £39 saved.


No black Friday deals from Amazon on these then? Shame.


I installed 2 yesterday and I found the night light to be excellent,like you say just the right amount of brightness for our landing


It won't be in its box then will it? Won't fetch that much.


Buy three and flog one on Ebay? They're selling steadily at ~£85-90 at the moment. I'd been slowly acquiring three via Ebay but this would've been a lot more convenient!

Nest thermostat 3rd Gen £179 without installation @ Nest
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
The Nest Learning Thermostat programmes itself and automatically helps save energy when you're away. Control it from anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer. The Nest Learnin… Read more

I prefer the nest design,


no option for installation though


Nest or hive


£166.80 at Amazon


The installed price has already been posted so i've updated to the no installation price only. Thanks :)

Nest hello doorbell and free google home mini at Nest for £229
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Nest hello doorbell without installation £229 with free google home mini
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The transformers have been available from Screwfix since release, its £8.95.


I had a Hello installed late September, replacing an existing mains wired bell. I can comfortably say it's the best tech purchase I've made in recent times, just brilliant - picture quality, night vision, iOS app, hardware design. Sheer quality - you get what you pay for. Hot.


Better than nothing but I was hoping for something a little bit better for Black Friday. I won't buy until it's under £200. Voted Hot anyway.


This was posted just a few days ago at £179 .. no "free" google home, but you could get the other deal and buy one and it would still be cheaper.

Faisal2110 - been using for 4 months with no issues!

Nest Black Friday Deals - 3rd Generation Thermostat Installed for £219
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Nest have released their Black Friday deals a few days early. Highlight is the thermostat which can be installed by professional Nest fitter for £219 (all colours I believe). Ha… Read more
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Heat from me - the cheapest I could find installation for two of these was £140, which would make the equivalent price of these without installation £150 each.


Does the installation qualify for 5 years extended warranty through Nest Pro?


Good deal. I need 2 but it feels daft paying for 2 x the installation price when they're both being installed at the same time? Could you not just order 1 with installation and 1 without and get them both installed by the engineer at the same time?


Thank you. Ordered and heat added. I was wondering between the other offers 2 for £300 or 1 for £162...but at the end I will need installation which will be around £60 or £70, so at the end it will be the same price but I will not looking around for installer. I just don't know if the warranty from is more than the other offers.


People missing the installation included isn’t your fault

New Nest Thermostat E - FREE with First Control tariff @ First Utility
Found 3rd Nov 2018Found 3rd Nov 2018
Similar to British Gas and Hive, get the brand new Nest Thermostat E for free with First Utility if you go for the First Control tariff. Normally £199. https://www.first-utility.… Read more

It's not really free, they are including the prices in their most expensive tariff & calling it free. What's ridiculous is you get different prices on same usage quotes on different days, I got a quote of £92 per month for the free Nest e then the other day I got £84 for the same. Which is still expensive as it's a 2.5 year fixed deal, others quoting me £71 for 12 month fixed. I cancelled my switch with them. So cold from me.


Just tried a quote, out of curiosity, £30 more a month than I currently pay. No ta :)


Check out this link


How does the Nest E differ to the standard model?



Nest hello doorbell £229 @ Nest
Found 31st May 2018Found 31st May 2018
No doubt this will sink like a lead balloon because it's RRP, but worth putting out. Alternative to the Ring deals. Don't forget, there is a £4 monthly subscription to get the m… Read more

Guys, any update on UK install issues? I want one but keep reading about a lack of compatible transformers etc.


Can't see the 50% off yet?


They provided a transformer and mains powered chime in the box


At least with the Ring pro kit they give you the transformer and external chime. Why nest dont provide this is beyond me the cost of the thing.


15% off at Currys today using SECURITY15

Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm triple pack £269 at Nest
Found 2nd Apr 2018Found 2nd Apr 2018
Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm triple pack £269 at Nest
Easter savings on nest products from direct from nest, discounts on cameras and thermostats as well.

And I've just posted the deal.


Cheaper at Amazon

Nest Thermostat (including Installation) - £239 @ Nest
Found 31st Mar 2018Found 31st Mar 2018
£40 off Nest thermostat including installation so total is £239. Can't find anything cheaper and am looking to upgrade our thermostat. Anyone found a better deal which includes in… Read more

Went to link Nest charging full price!


Expired I think


The Building regs Part L have been amended today 6th April covering any new or replacement boiler. You now need to fit Time and temperature control and you must also choose one of the following to implement: Weather compensation, Load compensation, Flue Gas Heat Recovery or Smart controls. A Nest connected to an Open Therm compatible boiler covers 3 of those in 1 device


I'm getting our old 20 year old boiler removed buy a builder in a few weeks and getting a new boiler fitted in a new location (whites room), I do not have a thermostat and have a 7 day programmable timer (radiators have valves on them marked 1 - 5 for temperature), what setup would people recommend, as I am best buying all the compatible kit now as it is being renewed and installed?


I wouldn’t class Hive as smart heating anyway as it’s only an on/off device

Nest Aware Now £40 / Year (£3.33 / Month) for 5 Days Cloud Recording @ Nest
Found 28th Feb 2018Found 28th Feb 2018
Nest have just introduced a new option to their Nest Aware cloud storage for their range of Nest Cameras. Previously £10 per month or £80 per year, Nest now offer 5 days of video s… Read more

Just dropped mine for £8 a month to the £3.33 a month subscription, well just paid £40 for the year. Makes it more palatable than £80 a year. Will admit the cost did seem a bit high but its been more reliable than any Chinese offering. Its better than SD Storage as if its spotted it will just be destroyed or nicked. At least the Nest will record it till the final moment.


Phone, email, text, Google Duo, letter, carrier pigeon. Any one of these methods pointed in Nest's direction would surely work. Wood for the trees.


Offsite backup - yes, agree


Yes I totally agree. Though, I still feel a hybrid is best - maybe FTP + off-site mirror to Dropbox is the solution. I guess you don’t know til you actually have to use it!


Thanks for clarification. I wrote about my solution to show that there is another possibility than “pay for cloud”.

Nest Thermostat £139 @ Nest
Found 11th Feb 2018Found 11th Feb 2018
Nest Thermostat £139 @ Nest
The Nest Learning Thermostat programmes itself and automatically helps save energy when you’re away. Control it from anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer. The Nest Learnin… Read more

ditto only got this error to work on microsoft edge for android chrome and dolphin just showed full price obviously just some browser error


This. if you keep refreshing the page, it will show as £139, but it reverts back to normal price in the basket.


As if.... :{


How much from an android phone?


I can get it to show as £139, but says "Personal Use Unit Discount" and reverts to full price when in basket.

Nest Learning Thermostat £139 for professional installers - Nest Pro
Found 6th Jan 2018Found 6th Jan 2018
Nest Learning Thermostat £139 for professional installers - Nest Pro
Sign up to nest pro and receive your first thermostat for personal use for only £139
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Bump... Anyone used this deal for personal use??


Theyre £219 *edit Just checked again and they are now showing as£139


Has anybody who is not a pro been successful with this deal?


Saying they will check and get back in 3-5 days? Can anyone not an installer get the nest for £139?


Is this just a normal nest 3rd generation? Can I get my plumber to install as I would a normal nest??

Free nest thermostat and installation when you change to first utility
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
Now it’s even easier for you to manage your energy. When you switch to an eligible First Utility plan you can get the Nest Learning Thermostat™, plus installation, at no additional… Read more
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Mines only 5pound dearer a huuge flat with scottish power dual fix beat cancer 2018


Hive has a lot more accessories that are far cheaper and not available for nest. Practically the same u can do with both so stick with it. I wish I had installed Hive instead but oh well.


Been after a nest for a while was waiting for a cheap deal and first utility are the same price i'm paying now, I just gotta pay a £60 exit fee with e0n. But a nest for £60 I likey :)


Agreed, I had them when I bought my current house (new build) and took over a year to get away from them and had to take them to the ombudsman to get the money back they overcharged me. Even when I left they tried to charge me again for the electric/gas I had already overpaid for!!!

FREE Google Home Mini with any NEST product over £75
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
FREE Google Home Mini with any NEST product over £75
As per the title, NEST are giving away a free Google Home Mini with any Nest Product over £75 nice to get something free, if intending to get a Nest Product
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Another number I've found on the letter is 0156 583 1130, this is the number you call if you don't get an email within 25 days of taking the insurance, Good Luck! 8)


Same deal at Currys, I price matched to amazon but they are classing the deal as £101.60 for the nest protect and £8.40 for the ''free'' google home, so compared to the £99.99 at Amazon they refunded me £1.60.


Thanks so much! :D


Yes, originally the sent a letter advertising the offer. When I went online I didn’t see anything mentioned when I bought the insurance. So if you call them and say you had a letter in the post advertising the offer, hopefully you can get it as well.


Thanks for this. Called the number to se if I can still take up this offer. Did you take home insurance from them?

Nest thermostat with professional installation £219 @ nest store
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Nest thermostat with professional installation £219 @ nest store
£219£27922%Nest Deals
I’m not sure about the deal but this is the best deal at the moment with installation with all the color available at the time of posting from direct nest store as part of Black Fr… Read more

My installer called yesterday and said he could not install as the wiring loom connecting my boiler & tank as it did not have the grub screws necessary to wire in the nest. Company (Nest Approved installer) has since rang me & asked for an extra £140 to change the existing plastic back plate to one with grub screws on it. What should I do? Any advice? The system boiler/tank was only installed in September 2017.


FYI all, mine arrived a few days ago and it was installed today (works perfectly!). The packaging was a top and bottom box that lifts up (not like the older slide method box). However there were no power cables in the box, the tech who installed it said it should contain the cables and to contact nest. Having spoken to Nest, they state that the newer ones are not supplied with the cables; however they’ll send them express delivery as a good will gesture.


I have a question if anyone has two wall wired thermostats, one controls downstairs and the other for upstairs. I have only one programmer located in the kitchen next to the boiler. Am I able to install the Nest heat sink and thermostat downstairs. Then buy a second thermostat and wire it to the upstairs thermostat? I tried to speak to American customer services and they said no, only one thermostat per sink heat. But I only have the one next to the boiler. Thanks


I bought from screwfix deal. Fed up with not getting quotes from tradesmen. I guess they are too busy. I took the plunge and installed it myself yesterday, works well. The question is, where should I put the display unit? If I put it in the bedroom, the rest of the flat will be cold, since the bedroom is small and heats easily. But when I go to bed, I want bedroom to be 23 C, rest of the flat can be cold, I don't care. I guess my dummy wireless thermostat was easier to set, I would just have it with me all the time.


I had mine installed a couple of weeks ago and the lead time with the installer was about a month... bear in mind we’re now well into winter I can only imagine that supply and demand will push dates and prices forward. Mine was £70 and I’m in the South East.

Nest Cam Outdoor security camera £159 - Nest Store
Found 13th Apr 2017Found 13th Apr 2017
Nest Cam Outdoor security camera £159 - Nest Store
Nest Cam Outdoor stands watch 24/7, rain or shine. It can send an alert when it detects activity. And lets you talk back through the Nest app. This is what an outdoor security came… Read more

£149 now on Amazon


Don't you need to pay a monthly fee to view your recordings with this?


Every camera needs a power or data connection. Be smart and put a hole in the wall


that hanging wire looks ugly and vulnerable


Hi OP - if you are looking to buy this then just an FYI, Amazon Prime is cheaper - £153.99 -

NEST store Black Friday discounts
Found 23rd Nov 2016Found 23rd Nov 2016
NEST have released their Black Friday discounts on several items! Yay! 3rd Gen Thermostat: £169 (or £174 @ Amazon) Indoor Security Camera: £129 (or £114 @ Amazon) Outdoor Securit… Read more

Sorry to hear that Amazon won't refund the difference. Finances permitting, I'd order it again and return the one just received for a full refund.


They've said they can't refund the difference, so I will have to return, refund and rebuy :( Probably worth it for the £16 back!


OMG yes! Let's see if they'll price match themselves as I've already bought it at £114!


Available to Amazon Prime customers for £98.99 using BABYGC16 code at checkout.


Thanks - Paid the extra and ordered from Amazon. Better Customer Services if anything goes wrong or need to return it.

Nest 3rd generation Thermostat - £219 (Installed), directly from Nest. £30 discount.  Also £30 off
Found 23rd Nov 2016Found 23rd Nov 2016
3RD GENERATION Nest Learning Thermostat £249 £219 including VAT Limit of 2 discounted units per household. While stocks last. COLOUR Stainless Steel Includes professional install… Read more
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Has this expired? How do I get this for £219?


How do you get this price? Is there a discount code?


how do you get discounted price? Thanks


Here's some feedback on professional installation from Nest... I received an email telling me 'Don't forget your Nest installation' and to be in between 1300 and 1700 on the day. I cancel half a day's work and wait. At four o'clock on the day, three hours into the installation slot, I get a terse phone call saying they won't be coming to install and that it will be eight o'clock the next day. I say that might be difficult. Person on phone says that if I can't do eight, they can't do it. I phone Nest and wait forty minutes on hold. When I get through, the guy in the call centre has trouble finding my order and says I might have to wait 'a while' as the computers are going slow. I say 'This isn't great customer service: I waste three hours waiting for an installer who doesn't turn up, forty minutes on hold and then you tell me your computers aren't working properly.' The chap says 'You'll need to speak to a supervisor' even though I say I don't want to and then I spend another thirty-five minutes on hold until I give up and put the phone down. Ten minutes later, I receive a phone call from Nest. Apparently I need to understand that the installers are 'third party contractors.' I reply that 'I pay Nest. Nest manages the contractors.' Nest offers to refund my installation fee so that I can arrange install myself, which means Nest offers nothing as it will cost more. I think I'm going to send the box back. I lost hundreds of pounds in income for a non-existent installation and Nest couldn't care less. Maybe British Gas and Hive isn't so bad after all.


How are we getting this discounted price guys???

Nest Cam Outdoor security camera £159.00 @
Found 2nd Nov 2016Found 2nd Nov 2016
Nest Cam Outdoor security camera £159.00 @
Finally arrived in the UK! Introductory price £159 (£20.00 discount normally £179.00) dollar to pound this is what the price is in USA - $192.00. ie NO VAT. Been waiting for this… Read more
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All of the links that came up for "nest hacked" required physical access to the thermostat, require time spent flashing a new custom firmware to it via the USB service port on it. It's more a theoretical attack, and is "hacking" only in the sense of modifying it to do something else - as it is designed to let you. Now compare that to the chinese knock offs, or even other brands of Internet of Things devices: Nest actually have some of the best security in the market. In fact one of the major internet outages recently was caused by these no-brand DVRs running ridiculously vulnerable firmware: One of the main problems is that these no-brand devices never see a firmware update in the entire lifetime of the device, and ship with firmware that is not even vaguely secure. At least the Nest's are true "cloud" devices that will automatically download and install updates from their mothership without intervention.


1: Burglar sees camera, robs camera instead. FTFY


Prevention and alerting. 1: Burglar sees camera, robs next door instead. 2: Camera detects motion, NEST ecosystem knows you're away, sends you an alert, you speak into the app to tell the burglar to F*** OFF (you can speak through the camera!). 3: Evidence if #1 and 2 doesn't work!


You know when someone advertises 8x digital zoom as a feature their list must be a little questionable. I can provide a system with 1000x digital zoom - is that better? (answer, no - digital zoom isn't really even a thing - it's just called cropping)


Typical, comes in white at launch. Should have brought out a black model too. Grey, brown, camo?