Nestlé dairy box 750g. £3.75 down from £15 at Tesco

Nestlé dairy box 750g. £3.75 down from £15 at Tesco

Found 28th Dec 2013
Nestlé dairy box 750g. £3.75 down from £15 at Tesco


was it marked at 3.75 or did it scan at this price

Marked and scanned, I just vbought a box! Got masses in tesco Gatwick plus Thorntons favourits 499g for £3.50

No it's marked at £7.50!

Not 'marked' at all online. No sign of this box on the website. What type of store did you get theske? Extra, Express, etc. could make a difference to whether it is worth looking for or not.

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yes they marked as 3.75 .... and they don't sell seasonal chocolates online so you won't find it. but be in store down the seasonal isle. but check top of the shelves because that's where I had to get mine from

Pasted twice within the space of 5 minutes. Spamming this one as a duplicate.

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Sorry!! 1st time posting a deal for me! It was in tesco extra in edinburgh corstorphine.

And I don't know how to delete the other post!

just brought one for £1.50

just bought it for £1.50 reduced from TESCO

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just bought it for £1.50 reduced from TESCO

Have you got a photo of ur till receipt?

£3.75 in Tesco Talbot green on boxing day

none left at tesco gatwick now! only an empty shelf with empty box cartons

They also had lint masters collection £5.00 reduced from £15 in my local tesco express

dairy box or should I say sugar box.. burn me for that now

£15 for dairy box?? Someones having a laugh!

Very poor quality chocolate.

£2.50 in Stafford

disgusting box of chocolates

You'd have to be a proper dick to pay £15 for a box of cheap chocs

I picked one if these up at £3.75 too - advertised as that on the shelf, and scanned at this price too. They had a huge end of aisle display to get rid of them. Picked mine up at Tesco Extra -,Lakeside, Thurrock, Essex. They had milk tray boxes too at £2.50 (700g boxes I think). Other Xmas chocs & sweets there too all reduced.

they're sold out now

i brought 3 boxes yesterday at local tesco but they are nearly out of stock i spotted them on top shelf still boxed so asked staff to get them down for me as non on the shelves , she price checked them for me couldnt be more helpful
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