Nestle kids go free
Nestle kids go free

Nestle kids go free

Get wrappers/vouchers from special Nestl?owntree Kids Go Free packs and try an activity for free. Choose from 5 great activities - swimming, tennis, dancing, bowling* and martial arts!

Remember - you need to book your place, check opening times and other requirements before you go and don't forget to take your wrappers / voucher with you or you will have to pay for the session!

Two single wrappers or one voucher are required for each free session / lesson. Please see terms and conditions for participating packs.

* Bowling 2 for 1

ok some of you will say this is not free as you have to buy the sweets!but chances are you are going to be buying the kids quite a few packeds of sweets anyway over the school holidays so it is almost free.With the school holidays around the corner it might be useful to somebody.

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Sorry Edi I messed up.


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