Nestle Pure Life water 500ml for 30p. @ Shell

Nestle Pure Life water 500ml for 30p. @ Shell

Found 28th Jan 2011
I know I know, bottled water is bad and garages have rip-off prices for their retail goods, but I was on a 90 mile drive and was desperate for a drink.

I saw that Nestle water was only 30p which is an excellent price for any sort of drink in a garage. This was on the M9 near Dunblane so not sure if nationwide - though it was advertised with Shell logo and all.

Good if you're desperate and flat out refuse to pay £1.35 for a bottle of Irn Bru or Coke!
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Wow... I didn't ever expect to find a deal from a petrol station... mind you, they probably feel bad after the rip off prices they charge at the pump these days (I know, not really their fault our govt are crooks!)
There's no doubt that government tax is too high, but the price of petrol has increased far more than the cost of tax - so there are other factors for the rise (Iraq War, OPEC holding supplies and so on) which I think should be eliminated to get the cost of petrol down to what it was (99p or so) and then we take up the tax issue.

But that's neither here nor there, we're getting shafted from everyone. And I was also shocked that there was a deal instore! Bunch of helmets, really.
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