Nestles Shreddies 750g Size Half Price at £1.22 @ Sainsburys

Nestles Shreddies 750g Size Half Price at £1.22 @ Sainsburys

Found 6th Jul 2010Made hot 8th Jul 2010
Just been into Sainsbury's at Worksop because in urgent need of cereals for the morning and found these at what is I think a cracking price. The 500g box is £1.95 so you're paying a whopping 73p less for for 250g more scrummy Shreddies. There were loads on the shelves and when I've just visited their website they're on offer there as well.

Hope that this is of use to somebody, my cupboards are full of the damn things now!!


My usual Breakast cereal is called "Malties" which is Sainsburys own brand of Shreddies. Malties are always lower in price and in my opinion much tastier.

On offer at this price in Sainsbury Central on Bristol Triangle. Went in looking for Chunky Kit Kats & came out with a box of these!

Earlier this week Shreddies and Shredded Wheat were half price at Morrisons - not sure if still are.

Good price if you like Shreddies - but personally I think they're disgusting.
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