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Nestling Biodegradable Thicker Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser 300 Dog Waste Bags - £4.87 with voucher @ Amazon (Osmanthus fragrans Co Ltd)

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About this deal

£9.97, but 50% voucher brings it down to £4.87 or 1.6p per bag.

You can get 20 rolls / 300 bags.
  • Unscented, durable and tear proof, easy to detach and open.
  • Enough space up top for tying a secure knot
  • 13 x 9 inches, Large and Thick poop bags are big enough for even the largest of dogs
  • As a cat litter bags is great for cat owners to use for litter box clean up.

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4065983_1.jpgDog Poop Bags:
Each box has 20 rolls of bags, which fit into the handy dispenser. With 300 poop bags in total, it should last a while!Our premium quality doggy poop bags will keep your surroundings clean and clear.

  • Environment friendly pets bags dog waste bags with dispenser, green ,20 rolls and 15 bags per roll,total 300 bags so that you can easily access the bag, making a perfect combination.
  • Dog poop bags are degradable and are friendly to the environment and 100% leak-proof and extra thick. Our premium quality doggy poop bags will keep your surroundings health and clear.
  • Poo doesn't smell like flowers however dog waste bags are scented so you won’t smell odour but instead it locks in that stank for good.
  • Dog poop bag refills is with good toughness and breakpoint design. Easy to tear off. Easy to pick up or remove pet poop and leak-proof dog waste bags guarantee to keep your hands safe. Included one reusable dispensers with a carabiner-style clip, easy to attach the dispenser to a leash securely.
  • These bags are the right fit for all dog and cat breeds. You can rely on these biodegradable waste bags to be leakproof . Our premium quality doggy poop bags will keep your surroundings health and clear - making them the perfect choice for any pet owner.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    If you think you're doing good for the planet by getting these, think again.

    They need to be compostable and conform by some EU standard I can't remember otherwise they'll take forever to biodegrade.

    However, looks like a good deal if you don't care for the above. (edited)
    What pull said ⬆️
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    I hate bags that don't have a handle.

    Shame, great price otherwise.
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    Perfect for hanging in Trees and Shrubs
    Yeah, what's the deal with leaving poo bags hanging off the tree?! You either pick it up and carry it with you to the nearest bin or just leave it as it is and leave the place pretending you haven't noticed that your dog just dumped one.
    But picking it up with the poo bag and then hang it on the tree? Special kind of psychos. (edited)
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    Cheaper than flushing the toilet.
    Got them for the family
    And Christmas tree decorations sorted
  5. Avatar
    Look at the lady, she is escatic, absolutely loves clearing up the dog tods she does. Im sold!
    I saw the same thing and thought she must be going crazy in her old age
  6. Avatar
    Ordered. Thanks
  7. Avatar
    Good deal
  8. Avatar
    Stick and flick FTW
  9. Avatar
    Thanks, ordered.
  10. Avatar
    I'm glad these are Fulfilled By Amazon-
    There are 181 different companies registered at the address given on Amazon for the seller 'Osmanthus fragrans Co., Ltd'.
    Osmanthus fragrans Co., Ltd isn't one of them.
    They are registered for VAT at a different address.
    The director lives in China.

    Fulfilled by Amazon does not mean sold by Amazon.
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    Ordered, thanks
  12. Avatar
    This deal is a bag of sh--.

    Ordered, thanks.
  13. Avatar
    Is it the same Nestling brand that became popular here for phone chargers and other small electric appliances? If so, I just hope not all their products are made for s**t...
  14. Avatar
    Great find OP, Heat Added.....................I suppose I'll have to get a dog now...............
  15. Avatar
    Are these a good size for food waste caddies ?
    exactly my question, whether you can use them in food caddies and will they be refused by the collectors since it's black in color instead of pretend 'green'
  16. Avatar
    Can't see any actual official standard labels on these for their biodegradable claim. Proper biodegradable ones cost quite a bit more
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