Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve - £53.99 at Amazon sold by Maplin_Webdeals

Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve - £53.99 at Amazon sold by Maplin_Webdeals

Found 9th Mar
Great smart device to automatically control your heating at a room level. Price varies between £59-£89 so this it cheap and HOT!!! Being sold on Amazon by Maplin. Works with Apple home kit, siri, alexa.
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Works only with the Netatmo Smart thermostat.
from a few other maplin deals on here recently, it looks like they are struggling to get couriers to deliver their orders. so I'm not sure if i would risk this.

i have been waiting for a price like this, but there is no guarantee that they don't close down completely before your order is fulfilled.

order on credit card if you are going to order. i don't have a credit card or i would have risked it.
Bought one earlier this week and it was delivered yesterday if that eases anyones concerns.
Go for a thermostatic radiator valve ....
Cheap and easy to use 🤔
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hulldaz2 h, 33 m ago

Go for a thermostatic radiator valve ....Cheap and easy to use 🤔

Got them, and they can be a total nuisance (noisy for bedrooms especially and not very accurate) - if you are disabled and can't bend to reach them like me they get left on one setting when I do want to vary the temperature, nor useful if you have one in an awkward location even for able bodied (got one of those too!) They are also not long lived and I have had several changes (capsules and bodies) of various brands over the years.

Have tried a bluetooth valve and it was defective out of he box and poorly reviewed so it didn't inspire me to try more!
I have the netatmo boiler remote stat, but I use energenie. mi-home rad stats. I am happy with the set up.
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