Netflix 1 month free trial for new users

Netflix 1 month free trial for new users

Found 8th Dec 2016
Just cancel anytime during your 1-month free membership, and you will not be charged. To take advantage of the free trial, pick your movies to watch as soon as you can. If you enjoy Netflix do nothing and your membership will automatically continue at the monthly subscription rate you have chosen.
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Should be in freebies.

Should be in freebies.

Ok how do I move it

Ok how do I move it

Don't worry. Already done
Upvoted. Although I use Netflix already, this will hopefully be useful to others
Thanks OP, I'll definitely take advantage of this
link not working
A simple way to get Netflix free forever. Start a free trial. - Create a new outlook email address before the free offer expires ,cancel the free trial. register a new account with the new address. Use a different payment method for the next free trial. Rotate payment methods every two or three months. They don't take any money but it does need to be an authentic payment method ( you can't invent it).

link not working
worked for me thx op
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