NETGEAR 2 Bay MS2000 NAS Box - was £63.99 now £49.99 @ Dabs.com
NETGEAR 2 Bay MS2000 NAS Box - was £63.99 now £49.99 @ Dabs.com

NETGEAR 2 Bay MS2000 NAS Box - was £63.99 now £49.99 @ Dabs.com

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I was going to shell out for a full blown ReadyNas, until this came along. For less than 50 notes too. The best word to describe this product is `EASY'.
· Easy to setup/install
· Easy to connect to via mystora.com
· Easy to create users
· Easy to upload files to either by network neighbourhood or using the Mystora interface. (Java needed).
· Easy for other users to store their stuff on your Stora.
· Easy to create albums for your photos
· Easy to store all your music
· Easy to store any other data (securely)
· Easy to store movies.
· Easy to choose who gets access to anything you wish to share.
· Easy to then watch movies via the interface
· Easy to listen to music via the interface
· Easy to look at photo albums, again, via the interface.

I could go on and explain about how I can also access it remotely with my Iphone etc..

The cons...

It doesn't come with hard drives.... Ummm that's it, I think.

Back to the pros.

Look at the price, I guess that's why it has no hard drives. My advice would be to buy two drives asap and then your Stora will self setup with RAID. For those that aren't sure what that means... basically one drive will mirror the other, thus saving your data/music/photo/videos twice. If one of the drives should fail then your data has a chance of being saved.

It has stuff on it to perform backups, I've not used this yet but I will.

I hope this helps anyone who is in the same situation as me.... I needed to store photos, share with other family members. I wanted to look at their pictures and download them to my pc. I wanted a central place to store my Itunes. Most of all I wanted my kids to be able to do stuff safely with my approval.



Cold, this is one of the worst nas on the market...

For £10-£20 more you can get a significantly better D-Link one (trust I've had this stora and sent it back)



Your "go to deal" points to the wrong NAS - it goes to the NetGear ReadyNAS duo which is £119.98.

I think you mean this one (although that is £59.98)


Cant find a Netgear MS2000 on the Dabs site for £49.99

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Stora is a HUGE nightmare NAS - Check the netgear forums for an endless stream of problems

Buy the ReadyNAS - You wont look back

naff product, had no end of problems with it no wonder they are on offer no one wants them

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