Netgear 802.11n RangeMax PCMCIA WLAN card - £63 off - £39.92

Netgear 802.11n RangeMax PCMCIA WLAN card - £63 off - £39.92

Found 21st Aug 2006
An Aria Special, this normally retails for around £100 (£99.87 at Dabs, £105.74 at Ebuyer).

"RangeMax NEXT extends the possibilities of your wireless home network by providing a Steady-Stream of up to 270Mbps, and is compliant with draft 802.11n. This next generation wireless standard utilizes advanced MIMO (Multi-In, Multi-Out) technology, which delivers incredible speed and range."

Very good price if you're looking for a draft-N wireless card.
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Great price...

...but be warned that draft-N products have been ]shown to not be inter-operable. If all your pre-N gear is from the same manufacturer (Netgear in this case) you should be fine. Otherwise, you may face compatibility problems later on - and no gaurentees that final firmware ('proper' 802.11n) will work a 100% too...
how about this for an even better deal

microdirect http//ww…=0

31.73 inc vat
i have three of these cards and the pre-n matching router and a number of other G and super G cards/gaming adapters and the seem to get on ok.

I have 24mb broadband and the adsl2+ modem in the pre-n router works well too.

hope this helps

how about this for an even better dealmicrodirect ] … how about this for an even better dealmicrodirect ] 31.73 inc vat

Not bad, but the delivery takes it up a fair bit; £37.59 inc del.
true but its still less and if you live nearby you could save on the postage. To be fair aria and microdirect are close to one another in manchester.
Yup yup, plus the price isn't likely to shoot up after Aria run out of stock.
both are great deals on the card. the price on other sites averages out at around 100 quid as you mention. i wonder how aria and microdirect got such good prices on these.

The 270mb pre-n adsl2 router that matches these cards is also best priced at microdirect as far as i can tell.
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