NETGEAR D7800-100UKS Nighthawk AC2600 Dual Band VDSL/ADSL Modem Router £199.99

NETGEAR D7800-100UKS Nighthawk AC2600 Dual Band VDSL/ADSL Modem Router £199.99

£199.99Amazon Deals
Found 24th Dec 2017Edited by:"Ripperoo"
I have bee after this for a while to replace my Fritz!box 7490 which has p!55 poor WiFi which is a major issue when streaming music to approx 10 wireless speakers around the home.

Normally £270ish, but currently down to £199.99.

Admittedly, not the lowest it's ever been as it was down to £149.99 in August 2017, but the cheapest I can find ATM.

  • Built-in modem, just plug-in the router to the phone line and get fast internet connection with easy installation
  • Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds with support for additional interference-free (DFS) 5 GHz channels
  • Network storage-ready with twin USB 3.0 and eSATA; use ReadyCLOUD to access the storage anytime from anywhere
  • Four high-gain external antennas and beamforming for maximum range coupled with traffic prioritisation for lag-free gaming
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I’d hold out a bit if i where u.
pcastley30 m ago

I’d hold out a bit if i where u.

Can I ask why ? I don't keep up with routers, is a new one coming ?
Hang fire for a few days! There's probably gonna be a load of deals coming out 🎄
Too late for me, just bought it!

If it does drop in price, I'll "Have a Word" and see if they'll refund the difference.
Edited by: "Ripperoo" 24th Dec 2017
Got this for £80 on black friday.
lucifon1 h, 39 m ago

Got this for £80 on black friday.

Well, I'd get out the De'Lorean and go and get me one then! LOL

I'll stick my neck out here and say I bet it wasn't the exact model I quoted though!

You sure it wasn't the "NETGEAR R7800-100UKS Nighthawk X4S AC2600"?
Edited by: "Ripperoo" 24th Dec 2017
Poor router for vpn. Woeful interface and performance, netgear kit isn't what it used to be.
Luckily I also purchase from Amazon so was able to exchange for the Asus DSL-AC88U
Better interface and performance, had to have a few firmware upgrades for vpn to work
My third netgear router recently failed - a D7000 after 18months.
I like the user interface on Netgear so keep going back.
But from now on going to stick Billion - each one I have owned over the years has been rock solid and I can even recoup some money when I upgrade - cos it's still working and can be sold on.
Their UI is a bit naff - but the reliability is top notch.
Going this twice Get a Fritzbox it handles your phone calls and A/VDSL

You get a virtual switchboard with call handling, voip, virtual extensions multiple mailboxes lots of really clever stuff like divert anon calls to a mailbox with no recording function.

The broadband stuff & wireless is brilliant too 1Gbps wireless to a phone lol!

There's also home automation, NAS functionality & print server.

Absolute beast of a router and also replaces your DECT base for the phone too.
Rich4425th Dec

Going this twice Get a Fritzbox.

Actually, I am coming from a Fritz!box 7490 which I've had two since July 2015.

I cannot argue with the flexibility of the device and the device I have to say is top notch, except for me, the wireless is rubbish.

My house is not massive by any stretch of the imagination, but yet my multiple Samsung Multiroom speakers keep dropping connection to the router and this is despite the speakers having the 5ghz channel dedicated to them.

My guess is that it's due to the distance from the router and the fact that the Fritz!box has internal antenna.

Not had a Netgear router for a few years and it's immediately apparent that the interface is very old looking, clunky and not as polished as the interface on the Fritz!box but I'm hoping that the wireless coverage is a lot better and more stable on the Nighthawk.
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