Netgear DGN2000 ADSL Wireless-N Modem Router - £59.99 - Free Delivery @ ebuyer

Netgear DGN2000 ADSL Wireless-N Modem Router - £59.99 - Free Delivery @ ebuyer

Found 27th Mar 2009
Good product at a competitive price, and a nice upgrade from the popular DG834N 'white' router.

"Surf, make Internet phone calls, play online games and stream HD video simultaneously
Replace your old DSL equipment with new Wireless-N
Built-in 4-port 10/100 switch

Use with RangeMax Wireless-N Adapters and boost your performance and range
Wireless-N Router with built-in ADSL2+ Modem
WiFi on/off switch to turn off wireless signals
Easy setup with Smart Wizard® Installation CD
Push N Connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) - a secured connection at the push of a button "


I've bought this this for 2 non-techie people. Really easy to set up if you can connect it you PC and use the included disk. Got it for the mother-in-law for £80 quid, so this is a great price.

so is this ADSL or DSL Router?

Original Poster

Both. The port will sense both synchronous and asynchronous.

It's ADSL, so no use for cable broadband users (Or DSL as they seem to call it)

(Sulphur Man, you are thinking of SDSL and ADSL)

Cold from me sorry, this can picked up at your local PC World for £59.99 just check out their website for collect at store.

Whenever you can buy something for the same price or less on the high street its cold from me

I was lucky just before Christmas I picked it up with a free usb adapter for £69.99 in Comet, should of been the cable router version but they honored the price even though it was more expensive at the till, the USB adapter on Ebuyer is an additional £26.49 (Usually £44.99).

HOT from me, been looking to get a Wireless N modem router for a while.

Now I am file-sharing across my home network (to netbooks), a faster and stronger connection than my Orange Livebox is required!

Can't be bothered to go into a PCWorld, so the free delivery option here is a win-win for me!
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