Netgear EVA8000 £169.95 plus P+P plus 3% quidco
Netgear EVA8000 £169.95 plus P+P plus 3% quidco

Netgear EVA8000 £169.95 plus P+P plus 3% quidco

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This is my first post so be nice:

Streams HD videos, music, Internet radio and digital photos from your home PCs and storage devices to your HDTV
Automatically finds all the digital media files on your home network and organizes them into an easily accessible library
Play YouTube Videos on your TV
Easy set-up using an on screen TV wizard for a fun entertainment experience
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) for HD video resolution up to 1080p
High Definition Video Support The Digital Entertainer HD supports high definition playback of Windows® Media Video 9 or MPEG-4 file formats at up to 1080p resolution on your HDTV.

Play Your Purchased Content The Digital Entertainer HD supports Windows Media DRM (WMDRM10) to playback protected downloaded content from major online services. Requires Windows Media Connect (WMC) server software.

Multi-Room Playback Features Using two or more Digital Entertainer HDs in different rooms, synchronize music throughout the house (Party Mode) or pause a video in your living room and resume it in another room (Follow Me).

Personal Video Recording (PVR) With a TV tuner card installed in your PC, the Digital Entertainer HD can schedule recordings and pause and rewind live TV from your living room (TV Tuner card not included).

Instant Access to USB Devices Plug your USB flash drive, digital camera, iPOD, or other USB storage device directly into the Digital Entertainer HD and instantly access stored digital media on your HDTV.

Your PC Desktop on TV Use the remote control and TV to view and access your PC desktop and applications like email or web browser

Been looking for one of these for a long time and this is by far the cheapest!


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Mine got delivered today. Can't wait to get home and open it!

any good? I'm tempted....


Got the MP101 from Netgear not too long after it was out, trouble was netgear support for this type of product was **** and they couldn't wait to make it an End Of Life product and drop support for it like a hot potato.

You do have to ask yourself when products appear at this price range, is it worth spending a couple of quid more and getting the same sort of functionality from something like an xbox 360 or similar type console ?

Sulphur Man

any good? I'm tempted....

Trying one just now that a mate got.

Crashed it dozens of times, don't think I'll be keeping it.

Height 50.8mm Width 431.8mm Weight 2.0Kg

Package Contents
Digital Entertainer HD (EVA8000)
Infrared (IR) Remote Control (2 AA batteries included)
Power cable, localized to country of sale
Ethernet cable
RCA stereo-audio/composite-video cable
Component Video Cable
Installation guide
Windows Resource CD
Warranty/Support Information card

Limited Warranty 1 Year

Network Connections Wired LAN: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RJ-45
Wireless 11g: 1, 2, 5.5, 6, 11, 12, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps
Dual 2 dBi antenna for better wireless reception

Hardware-based Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) 40/64-bit & 128-bit encryption

HDMI for A/V output
RCA connector for composite video output
RCA connectors for component video output (High Definition support)
Digital Audio Output S/PDIF (coaxial/optical)
Stereo RCA audio ports
USB 2.0 Mass Storage interface
2x USB 2.0 port
Ethernet port
S-Video port
SCART connector for regions that require it

Digital File Formats
Compatible With
MP3 up to 320 Kbps or variable bit rate (VBR)
WMA8 and WMA9 files up to 192Kbps or variable bit rate (VBR)
WMV up to 1080p
Internet Radio (streaming MP3, WMA)
Video Formats: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, Xvid
Audio Formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC
Photo Formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF
Playlist Formats: WPL, ASX, WAX, WVX, PLS, M3U, RMP

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New beta firmware offers MKV support as well which is an added bonus!

Forum here gets mixed results:-

Here's an owners feedback after 24 hours:-

Lightning fast GUI. Somewhat strange placements of some features in the menu-system. Nice to being able to play music whilst doing something else, like refreshing files, browsing around. Same goes for videos (but how do you get back to fullscreen?). I also like the Random play feature. The YouTube thingy might be fun, but seems a bit over-the-top, it works though. Internetradio and weather works, though it displays a moon at 6pm for Gothenburgh, but the sun is still up at that hour.

There are some major issues with sound and stability. It won't report Dolby Digital, I have ONE file that reports DTS. It WILL hang whilst playing HD WMV or TS files, not immedatily though. The support for multi-language audio does not work (MP5) even my DP600 was able to change from the built in Russian on Troy 720P to the separate english audio-file, but it (KiSS) had trouble displaying the video at proper speed, whilst the EVA did not have any problem with this.

The player will hang and reboot, lots of times. It also goes on the same freq. as my KiSS remote, which is just bad luck.

If You don't have a media-player, and is looking for something that can play your MP3, your more common DivX or Xvid files, I think it will be sufficient, but playing HD-mtrl such as WMV och TS, will be a problem. Though it seems to handle HD AVI files with more stability. But remeber, it is pricey (it doesent even have DVD-player in it) and it calls itself HD-player, humbug I say!

I must say with the instability (even without playing any HD-mtrl), the audio problems and the lack of basic functions like changeing audio-track and the SUPER-instability playing 1080i TS files and WMV, I am VERY dissapointed.

I hope there is a better firmware out there somewhere, I mean so much **** ppl said about KiSS DP-600, it still outperforms the EVA8000, playing those TS files wihtout a hitch. Go figure.
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