Netgear FIREWALL Router @ Expansys

Netgear FIREWALL Router @ Expansys

Found 30th Nov 2011
Was £69.98, Delivery is £1.79 !!!

Four products in one, multitalented firewall router provides continuously available, safe broadband access. It plugs directly into your ADSL line for instant connectivity to network resources and the Internet; an integrated switch lets you directly link four computers. Smart Wizard automatically detects and makes the optimal connection to your ISP.
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WOW !! 1.79 Thats amazing

WOW !! 1.79 Thats amazing

Nope it is 14.99
I fail to see what's amazing about a delivery charge

WOW !! 1.79 Thats amazing

That's for delivery, actual price is £15 for the router, cold for me.
Solid dependable router, IME - but they're commonly available for a quid at car boots.
Just for the badly worded title this should go iceberg.
These are pretty old arn't they, plus you will need a wireless AP as this does not have one
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