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Posted 5 December 2022

Netgear Nighthawk Rax120 WiFi 6 Router - £153.48 @ Amazon

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Historic lowest price on the Camels. Looks like a great router, although I'm sure some people will say it's not worth because not WiFi 6E. Absolute bargain if you ask me ️also 149.99 on eBuyer - but I favour Amazon's customer service

UNLEASH FASTER SPEED, EVEN MORE POWER: Optimal for devices built to support WiFi 6: Playstation 5, iPhone 11 & 12, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 & Mac Mini, Ultra Notebooks, Samsung S10 & S20
WIFI 6 – STREAM EVERYTHING AT FASTER SPEED: Simultaneously stream uninterrupted movies, games, video calls or download/transfer files at 6.6Gbps WiFi speed
WORKS WITH ALL INTERNET PROVIDERS: Replace your existing WiFi Router (separate modem or gateway required). Compatible with any Internet Service Provider up to 2Gbps including cable, satellite, fiber, DSL and more
EASY TO SET-UP AND MANAGE: Connects to your existing cable modem and sets up and customizes in minutes with the Nighthawk app – easily manage your WiFi settings at the device and network level, test your Internet speed, view speed history and monitor data usage
USB CONNECTIONS: Share a storage drive with any connected device and create a personal cloud storage to access from anywhere using the 2 x 3.0 USB ports
ADVANCED CYBER THREAT PROTECTION: NETGEAR Armor (powered by BitDefender) is network-wide anti-virus, anti-malware, fraud/phishing/ransomware security on an unlimited # of devices and network/data protection for £69.99/year with a 30-day free trial
LOADED WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Designed with a 1.8GHz triple-core processor, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, Dynamic QoS, 1024-QAM, Smart Connect for one WiFi name, Beamforming technologies and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Control. Supports WPA2/WPA3 wireless security protocols. Includes Guest WiFi access, DoS, Firewall, VPN and more
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    I’ve owned the RAX120, RAX200 and the extender before moving to their orbi range. This router is good for day to day use and replaceable for BT or Virgin (using the Virgin box in router mode - purple light) standard routers.

    However please note that it is NOT WIFI-CERTIFIED to AX (ie wifi 6). This is because the chipset in use does not seem to do the full breath of wifi6 (to do with the upload not enabling UL-MIMO).

    Therefore netgear list it as ‘wifi 6’ as it works *with* wifi6 but if you’re planning on keeping it for a while and/of certification is a concern please note this.

    This also didn’t enable the full true 160MHz bandwidth spectrum fully but tries to aggregate the 2x 80+80Mhz to give 160Mhz.

    48930273_1.jpg (edited)
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    Kylo Ren wants his shuttle back.
  3. Avatar
    I've recently got the RAX200 which is the next one up - I'm very pleased with it, am sure this will be similarly good, and this is a good price. Powerful, good range. Expensive compared to others, but should be able to cope with most that gets thrown at it.

    And yes, not 6E, but I don't have any 6Ghz-capable devices, and am not likely to have any/many for the foreseeable future, so this is a compromise I can live with.
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    Looks like it fell off the Batmobile !
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    I’m not very technical when it comes to routers. Could this replace my Bt router? (smart hub 2)
    Or run along side it?

    Edit: just read the description
    “WORKS WITH ALL INTERNET PROVIDERS: Replace your existing WiFi Router (separate modem or gateway required)” (edited)
    The modem is usually built into the ISP routers/hubs whereas these are just WiFi routers, so you have to typically turn your provider router into a modem and then hook this up to that to make it work.
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    It being dual band is kinda a bumber especially since Asus offers a tri band at this price . But it's a decent deal if you prefer netgear
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    Couldnt have this in my house... Look at the absolute state of it.
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    Who’s home broadband is over 1gig….. this is perfect. The broadband connection will be the bottleneck. The super fast speeds are great marketing to grab the consumer. Just spec and size according to your actual broadband speeds, otherwise you are overpaying. They are “theoretical” speeds the 6bps with no other devices connected and no overhead. How many streams does your endpoint support as well. The latest iPhones only support 2. Also most endpoints don’t support the crazy 160Mhz channel width needed to get the quoted speeds. Stop blaring your neighbours and turn down to what your endpoints support Great bit of kit (edited)