Netgear ReadyNAS 104 4-Bay NAS £149.99 @

Netgear ReadyNAS 104 4-Bay NAS £149.99 @

Found 29th Dec 2016
Netgear NAS, 4-bays, diskless

1 Comment have been reducing these steadily. Yesterday (when still at £159.99) I swithered between this and a Synology DS416play at twice the price. I have a Netgear ReadyNAS102 with a couple of WD 1TB Red drives in RAID1, so know this generation of Netgear NAS, and their OS, quite well.

In the end, I paid more than twice the money for the Synology. Why? The technology in the ReadyNAS104 is 4 years old. It's 512MB of Ram, and 32bit processor, will perform basic NAS functions, but technology has moved on.

If all you need is basic storage and access, and you aren't afraid to do manual firmware upgrades (don't trust it to the automatic updater - that's a good way to make a brick), then this will suit. It is very substantially built, and a lot more solid than the Synology DS series, but Synology has the edge. The 416play has a 64bit Intel processor, a NAS environment that is the envy of just about every other vendor.

You makes your choice and pays your money. I'm giving this heat, because it is a good NAS for the price. But many users would be better spending more.
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