Netgear ReadyNas Duo £149.99 with FREE* 500GB HD Ebuyer
Netgear ReadyNas Duo £149.99 with FREE* 500GB HD Ebuyer

Netgear ReadyNas Duo £149.99 with FREE* 500GB HD Ebuyer

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ReadyNas Duo with free 500GB HD. This drive has two bays to either mirror (backup) your hardrives or provide a single large NAS drive.

Use Time Machine backup which is built into the system, at £150 it is excellent price for such flexible piece of hardware. Support is still provided by active community and NetGear.



Same price as Amazon or cheaper if you take into account shipping charges. Free HDD will be available to all as it via mail order from NETGEAR. (Prior to 30th June)


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Free Shipping from Ebuyer as well, but as you say the offer for free HD will most likey also apply to the amzon item.

couldn't you build yourself something like this for a lot less money?

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Yes you propably could, was looking at doing the same about a year ago. Something along the lines of Free NAS and some old PC. But in the end this was easier option when i worked out time and costs of cheaper option. It is also smaller and better built then i could hope for if building something myself for cheaper was the other option.

Guess it just depends on your situation and knowledge levels.


Misco also has the same unit but with a 500Gb drive installed + the free 500Gb drive (otherwise if you buy the one above you won't be able to use it unless you buy a HD at the same time or wait several weeks for your free one to arrive)....
£188 + delivery

These are fantastic. :thumbsup:
I have one running 2x1.5tb and is smooth and really works well as a backup and media storage (use Ps3).
I did pay £127 or so a while back (maybe 6 months ago) as there were better offers on. I bought 2 and got 2 x free 500GBs so sold both drives and one machine to upgrade one.
I would buy again but maybe at a lower price. This seems the going rate nowadays though.

I got one of these at this price last time and I'm very pleased with it indeed. It comes ready installed with both bittorent and Squeezebox software so I can stream music round the house and download stuff when I'm out without the need to turn on any computer. Very handy little thing!
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