Netgear WPN824 RangeMax MIMO-G Wireless Cable/DSL Router  £28.48 @ ebuye

Netgear WPN824 RangeMax MIMO-G Wireless Cable/DSL Router £28.48 @ ebuye

Found 5th Mar 2010
As a 21st-century consumer, computers are an integral part of your life. But does your home computing environment work for you? Even if you already have a wireless network, you've probably found "dead spots" in your home where your Internet connection fades in and out, or drops off completely.

Now, say good-bye to those dead spots ... and say hello to the freedom to work (and play) absolutely anywhere in your home!

With the RangeMax Wireless Router, your whole house becomes a "hot spot." NETGEAR's exclusive RangeMax technology gives you the longest range of any wireless device on the market today - up to 10 times the wireless coverage of 802.11g. So you'll have a sizzling-fast, consistent connection in every room of your house ... and beyond.

Put the NETGEAR RangeMax Wireless Router to work for you, and that's all you need - leave those range extenders, repeaters, and external antennas at the store. RangeMax adjusts to the interference and physical barriers in your home, and delivers up to 500, 000 square feet of coverage - 1000% more than 802.11g. And you don't need to throw away your old wireless devices; RangeMax is 100% compatible with your existing 802.11b/g products and will boost their range and speed by up to 50%.

RangeMax is an advanced Smart MIMO (Multi-In, Multi-Out) technology that uses seven internal antennas. RangeMax constantly surveys your home environment for physical barriers and interference and adjusts the wireless signal to compensate for these performance blockers. For example, if you carry your laptop from the family room to the bedroom, RangeMax automatically senses the change and selects from over 100 possible antenna configurations to deliver you the fastest, clearest connection! Everyone will enjoy consistently high-speed connections, everywhere in your house - no drop-outs, and no dead spots.

Shipping Charge:£5.99 Total £28.48
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Lowest shipping = £4.79 total £27.28 - sorry for earlier edit
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Sp.. does this tech really work, or is it just a gimmick?

Anyone using this

I wouldn't say I noticed the difference to leap out and buy one although it's a hot deal if your current router is on it's last legs... I bought it to get a better connection in my loft conversion as my router is downstairs. I still get the same pretty poor signal strength upstairs as my old DG834G and it seems to drop more times too, although that could simply be down to the fact that my exchange is getting worse as almost everyone has broadband now...

I'd say a great router if you're replacing but don't buy for the technology...Hot at this price though...

If you live in a house with thick walls or want to penetrate more than 2 or 3 'normal' walls then this won't help much, if at all. In my in-laws house the walls are so thick the signal can only penetrate one wall, often the best solution is a plug in mains network adaptor or a range extender.

just bought one hot hot

The post should read £27.28 including delivery (five working days)

Must add in shipping charges to total price, I've added next day (sorry, by mistake) and cheapest 5 days costs above.
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