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Some classic TV series reduced at Networkonair eg Brass: The Complete Series £8.00
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Just accidentally came across these, including the brilliant 'Brass' (I can't stand around here all day, I've got men to lay off) in their 'Black Friday' sale, so may be ending soo… Read more

If like me you were after UFO for £14, it's back in stock at that price at the moment.


What a wonderful site, lots of old favourites. Thanks OP!


Great site, got one of my favourites, the long lost Shillingbury Tales (2 discs) for £5.47

Marc DVD £3 @ NetworkOnAir
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Made in the summer of '77 just before his tragically early death at the age of 29, Marc showcased the songs of Marc Bolan and T-Rex, sung live by Bolan in the Granada Television … Read more
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Marc was so talented.


Summer is heaven in seventy seven!


Shame about his last hit|

Network-on-Air huge sale, 728 vintage UK comedy/drama/films/documentaries DVDs from £2
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Lots to choose from, worth a look. (y)
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Dunno I put it on for impact, but the mods removed it in about 400ms with no explanation. (y)


Well I listened to the John Cleese autobiography and that put me off buying it, from what I remember he said it got changed and re-drafted a lot and him and Graham Chapman made sure that none of the promotion for the film mentioned either of their names because it was that bad, and they disassociated themselves with it entirely


I put a DVD and a boxset in my bag and it's still showing as free shipping? Boxset is all 5 series of Press Gang for £6 (y)


Hot deal...a lot of sitcoms I forgot existed until now such as The Two of Us & Shelley.


Was "Rentadick" with Richard Briers any good?

Slinger's Day the Complete Series - £3 @ Network On Air
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Network are having another 'Bonkers' sale. Not much there that appealed to me except for this one. I vaguely remember it from my youth but for £3 I thought, why not?
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The Pathfinder Trilogy seems a good price compared to elsewhere at £5


Thanks - Have this already, but got some good stuff in the sale including Jack Rosenthal 5 disc boxset for a fiver (includes the Knowledge and Another Saturday, so worth it for that alone)


'Slinger's Day' was a terrible TV series and these DVDs should be slung in the nearest skip. XD More amusing than this woeful comedy was Brucie's toupee.


Here are the ones that caught my eye: Into The Labyrinth: The Complete Series (£5.00) - Whoops Apocalypse: The Complete Apocalypse (£3.00) - Tiswas: The Best Of (£3.00) - Bless Me Father: The Complete Series (£4.00) - Up the Elephant and Round the Castle: The Complete Series (£3.00) - Just William: The Complete Series (£5.00) - Andy Capp: The Complete Series (£3.00) - Sink or Swim: The Complete Series (£6.00) - Terrahawks: The Complete Series [BLU-RAY] (£10.00) -


I am old enough to remember this show, but it obviously completely passed me by as I don't even recall it being on.

Terrahawks - The Complete Series Blu Ray £10 @ Networkonair
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Another very good deal from Networkonair. Pretty sure it’s difficult to get this cheaper but happy to be corrected. Hope this helps someone out.
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What is the transfer quality like. A friend had it on DVD and the quality was not great


I've never seen any film or tv show that has scared me as much as this.


ive bought from these before, expect it midweek next week ... hopefully.


Zelda was so scary...!


Anyone else getting problems adding address details at checkout??. I keep getting a directory error :/

Filmed In Supermarionation Book - £5 (£9.32 delivered) @ Networkonair
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Great deal for this slipcase book - £29.99 everywhere. Some other food stuff on DVD for sale on the site as well.
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Seems to be now showing (for me anyway) that it's available for £5 with free delivery.


Don't forget Kindle for pc (will show coloured stuff as well)


I am all for free stuff on a Kindle but my 7-year-old son never lets me have a go on mine! :(


Do they have "Meatball XL5" on DVD? (lol)


£5.00 plus £4.32 equals £9.32 (fortunately) :)

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Minder: The Complete Collection (33 Disc DVD) - £21.67 @ Networkonair
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Minder: The Complete Collection (33 Disc DVD) - £21.67 @ Networkonair
Cheapest its ever been? The legendary George Cole plays Arthur Daley, an "entrepreneur"" and king of the dodgy deal. If there's money to be made Arthur's interested! Arthur need… Read more
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Great times when Minder was on the telly(and I don't mean that god awful remake by the awful Shane Ritchie on Channel 5).


£21:67 is the price without VAT which sometimes happens on that site as it doesn’t know if you’re in the UK when viewing it on a mobile device. If you add it to your basket it’ll jump to £26 if you’re in the UK and then there’s postage on top, as mentioned above.


Mr Chisholm, I'm as clueless as you are...


And yet the thread title still hasn't been amended. XD

bigst I posted this on Jul 31 it goes this price evety few weeks

The Professionals Mk IV Blu ray Set £6 Direct from Networkonair Free delivery.
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
The Professionals Mk IV Blu ray Set £6 Direct from Networkonair Free delivery.
£6 delivered for the final 18 episodes made in 1980-81, All restored in glorious HD plus some nice Extras including a booklet on the making of those last episodes. Long-awaited, l… Read more
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I got my disks today quality looks mint I mean eyepopping hd when you see quality it will blow your mind for 1980 they done a superb job


I like the fact that you edited that ;-) I'd like to see restorations of Dempsey and Makepeace and Lovejoy as the latter looks really poor quality on Drama.


takes me back to a weekend evening when i was a kid used to love these old shows i always thought lewis collins would of been a great james bond


Huge thanks for this deal maninasuitcase. Probably my fave series, along with The Sweeney and Minder. Bought the first series last week on Blu-ray, along with the complete DVD series box set of minder. Looking forward to getting the Mk II and Mk III on Blu-ray. :-)


Wish they would, along with the Dennis Waterman Minder episodes.

Network On Air's Bonkers! sale now on with reductions on selected DVD boxsets,blu-rays,CDs & books.
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
Network On Air's Bonkers! sale now on with reductions on selected DVD boxsets,blu-rays,CDs & books.
Network On Air are having a Bonkers! sale until 1pm on Friday September 7th with reductions on selected DVD boxsets,books,CDs & blu-rays. They release DVDs & blu-rays of … Read more
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for anyone following this thread more items have been added to the sale you might also want to check out Zoom which has some good deals as I post this on Ealing Rarities collections @ £ 3 each or less if you use the code floating around on here also Amazon which has a few network film releases reduced at the £1.99 mark ( plus post )


More items added to the sale (nearly 600 now!) Extended until 1pm on Monday 8th October.


now extended to Monday 17th September 13:00 hrs , for those commenting on postage, sets such as The Saint ( colour episodes ) are post free and at £ 15 are a lot less than I've seen elsewhere . You do not automatically pay postage on sets that contain lots of DVD's , unfortunately the only way you'll find out is if you add something to your cart . Currently even paying post there are some good savings to be made and for those that like old TV series or movies it's worth a look .


If anybody's interested,the sale now finishes at 1pm on Friday 7th September. Over 200 items are now listed.


More items now added including the complete series of Terrahawks on Blu-ray for £10 and the Invasion:UFO film on Blu-ray for £4. The MKIV Blu-ray set of The Professionals TV series is £6

Minder 33 disc dvd set including the incredibly hard to get Minder on the Orient Express £26.84 including p&p at Networkonair
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Minder 33 disc dvd set including the incredibly hard to get Minder on the Orient Express £26.84 including p&p at Networkonair
The legendary George Cole plays Arthur Daley, an "entrepreneur"" and king of the dodgy deal. If there's money to be made Arthur's interested! Arthur needs a bodyguard – enter Terry… Read more

Hopefully a nice little earner too!


Young Arthur would be brilliant!!


I'm amazed in this era of prequels such as Endeavour and the like, that there isn't a 'Young Arthur' type series...


Forgot how good this show was ... some of the one liners were absolutely brilliant. Shame there is nothing on TV nowadays remotely close to this.


Deal Expired at 14.00 yesterday.

Thames 1 Day TV Sale @ Network On Air
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Thames Television is celebrating its 50th birthday today. Since 2004, it has been our privilege to work with their programme archive, finding new audiences and new formats for s… Read more

Thanks for the tip - saved me something like £4.48. How crazy is that policy?!


The best bit about this is that it is free for me (and probably a few others)! Just looking at the titles takes me vividly back to childhood - you can't buy that sort of feeling.


Some great and nostalgic titles. Oh dear more money spent lol


Same here - bargain! Haven’t seen that for years


Thank you, brilliant - some real gems in here.

The World at War  [Blu-ray] - The Ultimate Restored Edition (9 discs) - £18 @
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
The World at War [Blu-ray] - The Ultimate Restored Edition (9 discs) - £18 @
Widely considered to be the best World War II documentary of all time this is a fantastic price for this 9 disc blu-ray version. This is part of the current Network winter sale and… Read more
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"Aspect ratio purists" - that might be your opinion but personally if I am going to watch HISTORY then I would prefer to see every inch of the recorded footage in the correct ratio. It's historical war footage, it's a complete disgrace that they edited it for modern audiences TVs. Yawn all you like, you're not seeing the big picture, literally!!


Yawn.. well I watched it and enjoyed it. I'm going to watch it again now just to annoy all the aspect ratio purists.


Bet he gets more votes than you and all


What an asinine reply to his original post.


FYI all, for those who weren't already aware, there is a 4:3, non-cropped, blu-ray version of this series! They re-released the BR following the backlash: More expensive, but can also be found cheaper than directly from Network.

The World at War ( the complete series ) blu ray at Networkonair for £34.80
Found 28th Oct 2017Found 28th Oct 2017
The World at War ( the complete series ) blu ray at Networkonair for £34.80
£34.80£40.8015%Networkonair Deals
A televisual milestone and the benchmark for all war documentaries that followed, The World at War presents the story of World War Two, from its beginnings in Hitler's pre-war Germ… Read more

I only posted a deal on the Network release that I have but it's well expired. Back to the £40 mark but it's still worth buying even at that price.


Yes, I don't disagree, that's the Network release. The only edition they've released. My point was that the previous (widescreen) sets were FreemantleMedia not Network. Incidentally, recently Network have been selling this BD set on Amazon Marketplace for £27.02 + P&P although they're not right now (might be worth keeping a lookout if anyone missed it)!


The version shown in the picture above is the best blu ray version to date. It's not cropped and is presented in its 4:3 ratio, the way it was broadcast on network television. I already own it and can verify that.


I think you mean FreemantleMedia that were responsible for the cropped widescreen edition. The superior new edition in original 4:3 ratio is the only one that Network have released.


Pity, the other one is £18

Prospects on Dvd £8.64 @ Network
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
Prospects on Dvd £8.64 @ Network
£8.64£14.9242%Networkonair Deals
Just found this searching through all their sale items. I didn't realise that it had been released, but loved this series as a kid. "Another day another dollar!" Hope this helps s… Read more

Lived in bow at the time this was out and as Dewonderfull said it's great if you like Poplar in the 80s gives you an idea just how the docklands and surrounding areas have changed over the years...Great Program by the way


A lot of this was filmed in the Isle of Dogs when it was a run down mess of derelicts houses and warehouses in the 80s. Now it's all riverside warehouse flats for bankers. Someone cut together all the scenes filmed on the iod below if you are a nostalgia buff for the area


Yeah remember this fondly. Just reading the wikipedia page about it and it should have had more series and didn't realise ITV repeated it.


£7.20 and free delivery when you click on get deal.


Always watched this show back in the 80's..... not sure how it stands up now though.

Prisoner on blu-ray £18 @ network
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Prisoner on blu-ray £18 @ network
Network seem to be discounting everything at the moment. Already got this but seems a good deal as Amazon are doing it for £34.62. Also found a few more decent prices for blu-ray … Read more


I think it was £12 a few sales back, I picked it up with Space 1999. Beautiful looking series.


Be seeing you


Presumably this is reduced because of the 50th Anniversary Edition: Though whether it's really worth £75......

Merlin: The Complete Collection £31.20 @ networkonline
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Merlin: The Complete Collection £31.20 @ networkonline
£31.20£39.9922%Networkonair Deals
Best price I can find at the moment. Amazon are doing it for £39.99

Totally agree with the above comments. Great price too.


Yup, worst ending to any series I've experienced, incredibly disappointing.


Good series, shame it ended badly.

Weekend At Bernie's on Blu-Ray £5.04 @ Network on Air
Found 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
Weekend At Bernie's on Blu-Ray £5.04 @ Network on Air
very good price for this. usually always atleast £7+ For anyone unfamiliar with Network, they are the distribution company for the film. The equivalent to buying direct from someo… Read more

Classic (excited)


The film hasn't aged, you have! (popcorn) Some films are best watched when young and intoxicated, then you watch them in middle age whilst sober and wonder what all the fuss was about.


Agreed! Watched it the other week and just wasn't what I remembered, guess some films are best left as memories


long overdue another watch!


Hell of a funny film 🤣

40% off all(most?) rare DVD/Blu-Ray e.g. The Armando Ianucci Shows was £3.92 now £2.35 @ Network on Air
Found 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
40% off all(most?) rare DVD/Blu-Ray e.g. The Armando Ianucci Shows was £3.92 now £2.35 @ Network on Air
Just a heads up, "Network on Air" produce nearly 2000 titles of quite rare (old) remastered British shows including comedies, drama, films and documentaries. Well worth a look as t… Read more
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cheers roger. just ordered these 4 masterpieces. thanks


Time Trumpet is worth a shot if you like Iannucci


Have enjoyed Veep. No up there with "The Thick of it" but still a clever watch. Will give "Death of Stalin" a watch.


Awesome, went for Armando Iannucci Show and Frank Sidebottom's Fantastic Shed Show


he's a busy boy! writer on a US sitcom 'Veep' and just released a film the 'Death of Stalin' amongst other things

UFO: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] £31.20 @ Network On Air
Found 18th Oct 2017Found 18th Oct 2017
UFO: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] £31.20 @ Network On Air
Great price for this classic sci-fi series. The first live-action television series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, UFO remains a benchmark sci-fi production, featuring mature… Read more
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Totally agree


Moonbase Alpha was to be season two of UFO, years later. But the USA did not want a season two so do recover the money they had spent on season two they changed it to Space 1999. The documentary may be on the Blu-rays.


HEAT........from a UFO laser.


Loved this Gerry Anderson series and as a very lucky 10 year old I spent a day at Borehamwood studios watching it being filmed. Will never forget walking around on Moonbase pressing all the buttons! Also watching George Sewell fluff his lines over and over again every time he walked into Ed Bishop's office...not helped by the prop guys pulling the sliding doors open from above at the wrong moment! I think they must of all have been drinking the whisky from the drinks cabinet :)


didn't this series just peter out

Weekend at Bernie's on Blu-Ray £4.62 @ Network on Air
Found 18th Jun 2017Found 18th Jun 2017
Weekend at Bernie's on Blu-Ray £4.62 @ Network on Air
Cheapest ive ever seen this go for. Really holds its value well barely ever goes below about £8. For anyone unfamiliar with Network, they are the distribution company for the film… Read more

one of the best movies ever made.....fact ;) heat all the way


I know the American version has English subtitles (hard of hearing)and is region free. Would cost about a tenner or so though from America


Classic movie, rarely if ever on TV, shame no subtitles.


To think they made a sequel!


I think this is one of those films that's best left remembered as it was... I fear watching it again now would only spoil my memories :( One of the first films I remember watching as a family when we first got Sky! Thanks OP, nothing like triggering a walk down misery lane. Heated!