Neuromancer - William Gibson - Kindle eBook - £1.49 at Amazon

Neuromancer - William Gibson - Kindle eBook - £1.49 at Amazon

Found 17th Jan 2015
Classic cyberpunk novel, first novel of the Sprawl trilogy:…ogy

Currently 75% off RRP. Probably half the normal price.

Read it if you haven't! Well recommended. Enjoy.
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I'll give it a go, half the bands I used to listen to kept ripping off William Gibson themes so I should go to the source and experience it for myself.
Excellent book once you get past his writing style.
Awesome book so heat from me. As git states his writing style takes some getting used to but please persevere. Incredible vision as the book was published in 1984.
I think this was the first modern sci fiction book I read. I may reread after I've finished isaac asimov foundation. (new TV series this year)
It's a good book. One of the books that The Matrix borrowed from heavily.
It's not really sci fi to be fair. Doesn't read like sci fi either, and quite different ideology/themes and subject matter. However those that enjoy sci fi may well enjoy it. The first straight sci fi I read was Ender's game, and then the rest of the saga. Really quite different though.
If you enjoy Philip K Dick you'll probably love this.
Yes, if you like/love The Matrix then definitely read this.
Brilliant book, great price.
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