Neutrogena Wave Duo £2.99 @ Home Bargains

Neutrogena Wave Duo £2.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 18th May 2010
A revolutionary NEW power cleanser by Neutrogena® with two cleansing speeds that will transform your cleansing routine and give you softer, great looking skin after just 1 use that you can see and feel.

Speed 1: gentle daily massaging - the soft vibrations massage your skin while the tingly lather thoroughly removes dirt, oil and make-up. Perfect for morning or night.

Speed 2: deep pore cleansing - feel how the more intense vibrations help open pores for a real thorough clean Perfect for those days when your skin needs the extra boost. Use with any Neutrogena Wave® refill pad.

£9.99 at Boots.…967

Gets very good reviews.
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Are these any good?
no, not in my opinion
yeah not strong enough and just stop when pressed firmly on skin, cant beat the old elbow grease!
I got the first one that came out a few weeks back from home baragins and I think there quite good, I use mine with my own face scrubs too and my face always feels quite deep cleaned afterwards, will have to upgrade to this two speed one now

H&R added
It's a detail sander for the face
Or a personal massager for the ladies :whistling:

Minus the sandpaper of course.
Bad Actor;8786700

Or a personal massager for the ladies :whistling:Minus the sandpaper of … Or a personal massager for the ladies :whistling:Minus the sandpaper of course.

It's spiky underneath the cleansing pad! :w00t:
saw this a few weeks ago at b and m, but didnt post as when i checked them out online they didn't have good reviews. voted hot but would see if there was some thing out there better first!
it vibrates so much it gave me a headache, made me feel dizzy..cheaper than what i paid though
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