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NEVADENT Electric Toothbrush - £12.99 from LIDL (8 brush heads included)
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NEVADENT Electric Toothbrush - £12.99 from LIDL (8 brush heads included)

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Posted 28th Aug 2015
Oral-B has died a death and LIDL had this from 27/08/15 as part of their bathroom offers. Appears pretty good specification for the price and includes 8 brush heads and 8 spare brush heads are only £3.99. Great when you consider what Oral-B charged for their brush heads.
Worth a punt and with a 3 year guarantee even better. If its not upto scratch after a week I will return as LIDL returns are usually no issue. Decent feedback from last time this was posted back in April when last in stock. My local branch (Kirkgate) had loads.
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Letchworth branch also had loads
looks like a bargain, hot
Not for me (still voted hot on deal though), but they plenty in Fishponds, Bristol.

Already posted

Is that for the offer that started yesterday or the one I mentioned from April?
has anyone used one? what are they like?
Used it once charged which took around 4-5 hours. The brush heads fit securely on the toothbrush itself using a twisting motion similar to an oral-b. The heads themselves are slightly smaller than oral-b but not much and to be honest after 2 minutes of cleaning the result was just the same!!! The brush head according to the info use DuPont™ Tynex® nylon monofilament bristles which appear of similar quality to official oral-b products. There was no bristle loss or the brush head coming loose unlike cheap alternatives I have tried. Oral-b heads are great but so expensive, even on offer they are not that cheap.
Hope this helps.
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has anyone used one? what are they like?

Bought one this week. Very impressed with use so far. For the price would be a steal even with only a couple of spare heads. However this has 8 which makes it even more of a bargain. It has a 3 year guarantee too. You dont such a long guarantee with with oral B, sonicare etc
I have this and a much more expensive oral b at my OHs. With new heads the oral b is better, but it cost nearly 3x the price and that was on sale. I wouldn't hesitate in buying another of the lidl ones but Stafford had already sold out yesterday morning.
Question is can you always get replacement heads..?
cheaper than some vibrators, multi-use.
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Just went out and bought 2 so let's see. they sell the replacement heads there too but don't think that will be a permanent thing. mMaybe contacr the manufacturer.
They seem to come round twice a year, and you get 8 heads with it so should be fine.
My oral b is 6 months old and only holds its charge for about 2 days. I had the same issue with the last one which is odd given that eoral b's of many years ago used to hold their charge for about 2 weeks. Would b tempted to try this


Used it once charged which took around 4-5 hours. .

You haven't followed the charging instructions then. I bought one in April, good value.

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had mine for over a year now and is faultless,first charge is long but then charge after every use,matter of 10-15 mins, case of rtm(read the manual).

case of rtm(read the manual).

Tvmft (thanks very much for that)
Do you know if this is still happening?
Which Lidl can this brush be bought from. I went to a lidl close to my house in london and ask one of the staff if they do electric toothbrush but he said no. Where can I get it from.
Got one of these and just to mention its okay, but not as good as my standard oral-b (nothing fancy just one of the basic pro models I think with the proper battery and just on-off) that broke after a few years use. It just seems to oscillate a lot slower even after I fully charged it first time around, its passable though and better than manual brushing still.

Cheap though. Just can't rate as hot, as I just don't believe it is. Its a fair cheap item, just don't expect an Oral-B as its just not as good, just a moderate price buy. I thank the OP for bringing awareness, I got one, there is no Oral B deals so will hold me out at least til then, but then I might get another one of those.
good toothbrush, i have used it with no issues. similar to oral b
Had just my electric toothbrush three months. No longer charging. Glows red for seconds then flashes green then stops altogether? Help
Great site for honest reviews on products. Keep up the good work.

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