NEVER FORGET Tuesday 7th
NEVER FORGET Tuesday 7th

NEVER FORGET Tuesday 7th

About Never Forget:

The show follows the roller coaster journey of our young hero Ash, who finds himself caught between fame, fortune and friendship as he struggles to realize his dreams.

With a little help from his friends Ash discovers that sometimes pretending to be someone else can help you find out who you really are.

Packed with poptastic Take That anthems, including the chart-topping smashes Relight My Fire, Pray, Back For Good, Babe and of course, Never Forget.

Tuesday 7th

Location: MANCHESTER OPERA HOUSE, Quay St, Manchester, M3 3HP



To anyone who doesnt understand this, SeeFilmFirst are branching out into theatre shows as well as cinema showings,
There should be a code alongside this which, on a first come first served basis, will provide a free seat to the above show TONIGHT in Manchester.
Im sure the OP was just keen to be first and the information will follow. x

is there a code?


is there a code?

Not got anything here yet.

Tuesday Night: Never Forget at the Manchester Opera House
We have very special tickets available from the producers of "THE HIT MUSICAL WITH THE SONGS OF TAKE THAT"
Direct from its acclaimed West End run, NEVER FORGET is a spectacular story of ambition and betrayal bursting with life, laughs and great songs.
We will send you the code at midnight tonight and as ever, tickets are first come, first served!
As this is our first theatre show, there will be a strict policy of tickets must match ID and guest list. Therefore, please ensure that you take drivers license or passport with you as ID. Seefilmfirst vouchers should be exchanged for tickets at the box office, no later than 6.45pm - make sure you get there early, even if you have your tickets allocated.

Still no email yet....

Guessing that their little emailing script hasn't reached our email addresses yet. Sometimes takes hours for me to get SFF emails after they're sent...

well.... I aint wating up any longer so I guess I won't be going. Have fun if you get tickets.


I would offer to do it on your behalf but theyre stating they need ID to claim the tickets at the box office, so you'd have to do it with your own details.

Anyone got these yet?

N-oo, umm, post needs to be bought up to scratch really...


N-oo, umm, post needs to be bought up to scratch really...

Well, the original email said that codes would be emailed out at midnight. It's now 1.20am and there's no code on HUKD, MSE, my inbox, my other inbox or another mod's inbox.


Code is 192493

Unfortunately I can't go and my friends are working that that night too......doh! Hope this helps someone!

Was just about to post this deal but thought i would wait for the code b4 doing so :x

Got my tics sorted now :thumbsup:

Hmm. Code already expired. And yet I still don't have an email with the code. Great service from SeeFilmFirst there. :giggle:

My email came through at 02:45.... oh well, not to worry. Suppose I'd be better off going to the gym anyway!
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