New 2011 Giro Xar £90* @ Cycle Sports UK (RRP: £114)
New 2011 Giro Xar £90* @ Cycle Sports UK (RRP: £114)

New 2011 Giro Xar £90* @ Cycle Sports UK (RRP: £114)

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(If COLD please state why or post cheaper deal! )

I've been looking to get a new helmet and I was about to buy something from Met. But then found this instead and damn is it awesome! (See Details below or go straight to the deal)

Prices around the net: (RRP: £114.99)

CycleSportsUK £99.99* (0% Quidco + 10% Discount) {£90)
Wiggle: £103.49 (2% Quidco + £5 off if you sign up to the newsletter**) {£97}
Chain Reaction Cycles: £103.99 (4% Quidco) {£100}
Ebay USA: £82 (Nominal % Quidco + 20% VAT Sting + ParcelFarce Ripoff Delivery Recharge) {Approx £105)

*However, CyclesportsUK currently have a discount offer of 10% off £100 spend (Valid until 27/01/2011 - After this ends, Wiggle is next best )

In order to qualify for the discount you'll need to spend an extra 0.01p - So I found the cheapest item on the site for £1.24. (Puncture repair kit - http://tinyurl.com/6dxtde5) - Naturally of-course, you can buy something that you 'actually' need and qualify for 10% off that as well

All 3 sites offer free delivery.

Please be aware though, this helmet is a PRE-ORDER and won't be out until February.
CSUK have it listed to arrive in April, but I don't think this is accurate as all other sites state either end of Jan/Early Feb.

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Hope this is of use to someone, I have already purchased 2 of these buckets - 1x black/blue & 1x Matt black (Both large) - Can't wait! Yay

For sizeing details please refer to the Giro Website here: giro.com/us_…tml

The new 2011 Giro Xar:

P.O.V. adjustable visor
Full coverage in-mold composition with EPS foam and polycarbonate shell
Roll Cage reinforcement
Roc Loc 5 fit system
The XAR offers all the features you've come to expect from Giro's top-level trail-riding helmets.

At the heart of this helmet you'll find 17 Wind Tunnel vents as well as optimized internal channeling, and the visor is vented to increase airflow. Breathability on the XAR is incredible; there's never been a lid this breathable on dirt. Even the padding is extraordinary thanks in part to X-Static anti-microbial fabric.

Roc Loc 5
After more than two-years of development, Giro introduces Roc Loc 5. This groundbreaking fit system provides an entirely unique user experience with an unmatched level of comfort, stability, adjustability and weight savings.

With Roc Loc 5, you can easily dial-in both fit tension and adjust vertical position with a single hand. Just twist the dial for a tighter feel on rough terrain, then back it off a notch and relax across the flats or a warm climb. Even with these remarkable features, Roc Loc 5 is still nearly 40-percent lighter than its popular predecessor, Roc Loc 4.

Micro Dial: The heart of Roc Loc 5 is this ratcheting, micro-adjusting dial. A simple, two-finger twist of the Micro Dial opens or closes the retention system and each click is audible.

Three-Position Bracket: It's never been easier to change vertical positions and fine-tune fit. We incorporated a three-position bracket that features 15-millimeters of up/down movement. Like the Micro Dial, this system can be adjusted without removing the helmet. Carefully-crafted ergonomic arms are shaped to be as comfortable as possible, yet work flawlessly with Giro eyewear (what we call Super Fit engineering).

Dual Pods: These two panels are designed to firmly grasp the back of your head while comfortably cradling the occipital lobe.

Strap Baskets: With Roc Loc 5, your helmet straps are always right where you need them. Not to mention this strap basket brings a new level of comfort.


Original Poster

Oh, just to add. If you are a valued Wiggle customer and have spent XXX amount over the last 365 days then you are likley entitled to a greater discount. But I can't speak for all individuals, so I have just put the standard pricing.

CSUK void there loyalty points at the end of each calendar year. So unless you have spent monies with them in 2011 expect no further discount.

CRC offer no loyalty as far as I can tell.

(Are people voting cold purely on the ground that this is an expensive lid?? - I assure you these are value for money if you are enthusiastic about biking - You REALLY pay for what you get)

Edited by: "Klis" 25th Jan 2011

Thats alot of money for a small lump of polystyrene and plastic lol. Only time I came off a mountain bike and hit a tree I smashed my face in because the stupid helmet is perched on top of your head. Not worn one since lol.

There you go -


Much cheaper and it will do the same thing. I know its not the same thing but I dont know where they get the idea that its worth that much, I bet its pumped out at a fiver an helmet in china or something.

Original Poster

That's unfortunate for you sir, but isn't this site about good deals and not personal preference?

A saving of £25 is a good deal any day in my book.

Edit: Your comparison makes me weep endlessly....

Edited by: "Klis" 25th Jan 2011


That's unfortunate for you sir, but isn't this site about good deals and … That's unfortunate for you sir, but isn't this site about good deals and not personal preference?A saving of almost £30 is a good deal any day in my book.

You are right and thats why i did not vote cold. Just I dont believe its a bargain as the price is over inflated to make you feel like it will do a better job.

Original Poster

I highly disagree :P

The tesco's direct version as you have stated, most likely is made of just polystyrene and plastic, though I am sure it meets the standards.
But comfort, weight, size/fit, durability after +1 knock are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right lid.

Anyway, I don't need you to tell me which is better as I have made 'my' mind up already - If you want to promote the Tesco own brand as the superior class of helmet, then please be my guest.
Edited by: "Klis" 25th Jan 2011

Good I am glad 'your' mind is made up!

Hot from me Klis. I wear a Giro Hex and have experienced its fantastic build quality firsthand. Was cycling down a hill and cornered at the bottom in the rain; front tyre blew out and I hit the tarmac at high speed very hard. Head hit road so hard I had a massive lump, even with the helmet on. Save to say, if I hadn't been wearing it I would have died.

Not voting because on the face of it this is a decent price for this helmet.

Personally I wouldn't fork out this sort of cash for a helmet though. You can pick up a well made, comfortable, light, branded helmet for £30- £40 such as these.

Giro Indicator £24.99

Specialized Align £29.99
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