New 2012 Furby £44.99 delivered with promo code @ ELC

New 2012 Furby £44.99 delivered with promo code @ ELC

Found 12th Nov 2012
Been surfing the net most of the day to find my daughter a furby most shops have no stock. However I found ELC has stock and if you put in the following code you will get one delivered for £44.99 this is the cheapest I have seen

25% off code:- 3BED-QBIY-4XEU-7QEZ-3WLV
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Don't think they let you choose colour tho
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No the don't you can order hot furbys which will either be yellow, red or purple or you can order a cool furby which will either be white, blue or black x
I'm pretty sure I saw this for thirty something in sainsbury's earlier. Not what I was looking for so didn't take note, but just happened to look as I walked past out of curiosity!
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If you did thats a bargain. i dont have a sainsburys near :-(
Not 100% sure, I'll try and check tomorrow if I remember!
There in stock online again at tesco & you can double up your vouchers to get more money off
Plenty in sdtore in Asda
Code dosent work?
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Yeah your right tamnelson, I tried it yest and it worked tried today and it doesnt. Unless it can only be used once and someone has used it
A good saving (if your kids did not have a preference on the colour) . Aheat added
Purple Furby back in stock at Amazon for 59.99

If you did thats a bargain. i dont have a sainsburys near :-(

Checked - the price tag underneath furby in my sainsbury's says 34.99, but they've been labelled wrongly as some sort of lego, which I didn't see the other day!
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Try this code this one has deffinatly not been used. A nice wee 25% off for someone

48 amazon now
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