New 2017 9.7 32Gb wi-fi - import? - £275 from eBay / portusdigital

New 2017 9.7 32Gb wi-fi - import? - £275 from eBay / portusdigital

Found 15th Jan 2018
This is the new base model iPad, £339 usual price.
These seem to be imports. May be worth the risk (of poorer customer service if something did go wrong) for a pretty substantial saving.
There may be even cheaper options on eBay.
Best price I can find from a “proper” shop is £309 from airport duty free.
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There's no way I'm buying anything from Wales.
Is it just an ipad? Not an ipad 2..or the newer ipad Pro...Cause not so much will work on it. Well the apps I use have mini heart attacks at my ipad 2. Sniffle
Depends what you mean by just an iPad.…9-7
It’s the current most basic model, but still better than an older one. I’d be surprised if any new iPad doesn’t work.....
I’ve concluded that if you’re going to take a risk on an import, the eglobal central at around £240is a better deal. Although portusdigital seem to get better reviews, there’s a big price difference.
Had mine delivered last week from this company.
I’d bought it during the 20% off on eBay day.
Arrived within the timescale quoted, brand new sealed, no issues at all. Would recommend.
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