New 3DS XL (Black or Blue) £149 @ Tesco Direct

New 3DS XL (Black or Blue) £149 @ Tesco Direct

Found 27th May 2017
TDX-HKFY at checkout for this price

This glossy metallic blue New Nintendo® 3DS™ XL console is the latest in the 3DS™ XL series. The updated design features two large screens, one of which is a resistive touchscreen, so you can use either the stylus or your finger to interact with your games.

Super-Stable 3D

The biggest software update lies in the new Super-Stable 3D that works by tracking your face and eye movements and then automatically adjusting the 3D effect. Compared to the old 3DS XL, you’ll find the Super-Stable 3D works well, resulting in a deeper colour display and a clear 3D image. It is also fully controllable via the parental control options, so you can prevent your children from adjusting the 3D themselves. The new 3D technology has been developed from scratch to provide a truer 3D experience compared to the older version.

Updated design

Including a glossy metallic finish, curvier corners, a sleeker design and a sturdier construction, the improved build quality of the New 3DS™ XL is one of the biggest improvements over its predecessor. With the two large screens you’ll be able to make the most of the upgraded hardware inside the New 3DS™ XL and enjoy a whole inch of extra viewing room on your top screen compared to the New 3DS™.

The new C-Stick

The other features of the New 3DS™ XL are very much a mirror of its smaller sibling, the New 3DS™. The most prominent additional feature is the new second analogue stick, just above the ABXY buttons. Within compatible games the ‘C-Stick’ adds another level of interaction and feel akin to a Wii U™ GamePad or console controller. Although game support for these is limited at the moment, the new build also features two new shoulder buttons which offer another level of complexity and interaction to your gameplay where they are supported.

Near-field communication (NFC) activates amiibo™

With the addition of NFC technology you can now use your favourite amiibo™ figures with compatible games on your New 3DS™ XL. By tapping the amiibo™ figure on your Nintendo® 3DS™ console, you will be able to unlock content in compatible games.

What’s in the box

Open up your New 3DS™ XL box and you’ll find your New Nintendo® 3DS™ XL system in metallic blue, a New Nintendo 3DS XL stylus, a set of AR Cards and a 4GB micro SDHC memory card so you can download games straight away. Note: An AC adapter is not included.
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Still say you're better off waiting for the much cheaper 2DS XL if 3D is not your thing.
Better had be new for that price oO
Still say you're better off waiting for the much cheaper 2DS XL if 3D is not your thing.
I think the comment above is a wise one. Also I would recommend having an occasional look on eBay auctions - I managed to pick up an Orange 'New' model 3ds XL with Pokemon Sun and New Super Mario Bros for just £150 and it's basically in new condition, box and all. If you can find a good seller with plenty of good photographs to verify the condition then you can end up with a nice little deal as these hold their prices so firmly.
Prefer the standard new 3DS. This is too big.
resistive touch screen for £149 that's my problem
Buy 2ds xl instead.

Still say you're better off waiting for the much cheaper 2DS XL if 3D is … Still say you're better off waiting for the much cheaper 2DS XL if 3D is not your thing.

Yeah that's what I'm doing... Homebrew will eventually happen on 2DSxl
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