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New ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 Ti OC Edition 8GB GDDR6X Graphic Card - £574.99 delivered using code @ laptopoutletdirect / eBay

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Okay price for a brand new 3070ti in the current GPU market.

3 year warranty and piece of mind that it hasn't been used for mining.

Use code JOY15 at checkout.

Hope this is useful to someone!
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    Awful price, and 8GB is now completely useless above 1080p for AAA gaming going forward. At 400quid a 3070 would hardly be a bargain, but that is the same chip without the horrid overclock that kills power efficiency.

    Here's the thing - a 3070(non-TI) is going to be a great 1080P card once its price becomes reasonable. A 6800(non-XT) is likewise the go-to for great 1440P gaming, again at the right price. The over-clocked variants from AMD and Nvidia should be avoided if they carry a price premium, since they have terrible power efficiency.

    The new gen parts from AMD and Nvidia are both way too expensive and also use far too small dies, relying on high clocks, and hence poor power efficiency - so poor are Nvidia's mobile parts that tech sites are even refusing to review them.

    Anyway, please do not buy a card with only 8GB for 1440p gaming- you will live to regret it.
    This is some BS right here. 3070ti is fine for 1440, some ppl need to get a grip.

    This is also a good price for brand new right now. If I were building a 1440 or 34” dedicated setup right now this would be a go to card.
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    @colinjordan95 thanks for sharing your first deal post mate (edited)
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    Why cold? Maybe it is something wrong with my google but I can't find anything cheaper than this...
    Any clues?
    Or is it the "it should cost max 300 quid now!" thing?
    8 gb ram bruh :V, wake up.
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    It is the cheapest (not from an eBay random) for a new card though.Still a silly price for a silly time.
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    Nobody should be buying cards yet. Hold firm! Let them drop to what they should be. Dont give in
    I'm with you on that. Waiting a while for a new card, I don't desperately need so I'm just being patient 😁 Some cards are absurdly priced right now
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    Still so many trolls on Hotdeals. This is a great deal for a ASUS TUF card. Ignore the moaning trolls, if u r after a superb card for a decent price, you wont beat this.
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    This is atrociously bad deal
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    3070ti came out nearly 2 years ago for msrp of £525. Newer version already came out, so this priced £50 more than last gen MSRP can't be called a deal in my book even if it is one of the lower priced 3070ti left on the shelves.
    Well said. When it was launched, it was a money grab by Nvidia and never represented value even for the FE pricing. This just takes the biscuit in terms of value. It’s perf is next to nothing to a 3070 that’s heavily overclocked. The GDDR6X will just help to consume more power and adds really nothing to the overall package.
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    GPU market is inflated yes. Hold blah blah.. not enough ram blah…
    So yes, this is a good deal as of today - thanks for the post. Ppl will moan power efficiency blah blah blah, but deals are always about comparability in the here and now, and this right now is a text book deal.
    Good? No. Blah blah blah.
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    Would this be a better purchase at around the same price?

    Comes up at €575 for me.

    Yes, the 3080 is the best card of that generation. Undervolt it and you will be getting stock performance with relatively low power draw and less heat.
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    Hi @colinjordan95 thanks for posting your first deal with us!
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    I bought 3070ti fe for 530 at rrp December 2021. It was a bril deal as it was a mining booM and if you could get ANY GPU at Rrp you were lucky. Nowadays you might as well get 4070ti for 800 readily available. Gets you same price to performance
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