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Posted 7 August 2023

New Balance 411v3 Running Shoes (Sizes 7-12.5) - W/Code

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New Balance 411v3 Running Shoes
The New Balance 411v3 is an impressive athletic shoe designed to keep you moving in comfort and style. Featuring Ground Contact EVA with rubber pods, this shoe provides abrasion resistance while remaining lightweight and comfortable for all of your daily activities.

Breathable Mesh Upper
Providing your feet with an ultimate layer of breathability, the upper of the 411v3 has been constructed from a mesh fabric. This will provide you with an optimal amount of airflow for your feet, ensuring they stay cool throughout your exercise, even when under immense pressure. A padded tongue and collar provide an added element of comfort, ensuring your feet are ready for the journeys ahead. Providing you with a closed, secure fit, the shoes have a traditional lace-up closure, allowing you to make necessary customisations to the shoe.

EVA Midsole
The midsole of the New Balance 411v3 Running Shoes provides plush underfoot cushioning and support to ensure an energised and comfortable ride. The EVA compound resides in the midsole to guarantee optimal cushioning and comfort with each stride. The midsole improves comfort, performance and responsiveness to deliver plush underfoot cushioning with ample reinforcement to lessen the impact placed on the joints during exercise. This significantly reduces wear and tear, as well as minimises the potential risk of injury.

Ground Contact EVA Outsole
In direct contact with the ground, the shoe has a durable rubber outsole. This can withstand damage from uneven terrain as it is abrasion-resistant. In addition to this, the rubber can create a solid bond of friction with a variety of different surfaces, crucial for control when out running. This will prevent the risk of injury from slipping or rolling your ankle, as you will be held in a firm and upright position. Rubber Pods have been added to deliver the underfoot comfort and confident footing you need.


  • Mesh Upper - Optimal airflow and breathability.
  • Padded Tongue - Enhances comfort.
  • Traditional Lacing System - Provides a secure, comfortable fit.
  • EVA Midsole - Exceptional cushioning and support.
  • Ground Contact EVA Outsole - Provides traction and stability.
  • Rubber Pods - Further stability.
  • Weight - 192g.

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  1. Adam_Pat4Wj's avatar
    Anyone know if these actually any good for running though?
    Seems like for 30 quid can't go wrong (edited)
    Ali_Boro's avatar
    Personally I wouldn't buy these for running, but for casual everyday comfort, they are more than good
  2. justabout72's avatar
    Lots of reviews saying bad quality.
    PD2K79's avatar
    2 of the 10 are negative on the site (I couldn’t find a lot elsewhere) and the YT reviews seem positive -

  3. Rossi46TheKing's avatar
    I had to add address before promo code accepted and delivery reduced at same time from £6.99 to £4.99
  4. Rossi46TheKing's avatar
    Won't accept code in Any extras box
    PD2K79's avatar
    Tried it just now and it’s still working -

  5. MPD1's avatar
    Shouldn't the porice in the headline be £31.98 given that's the absolute cheapest you can buy them?
  6. qal1h's avatar
    Interesting, very similar to my flynit 2's - which still going strong so not exactly needed, but might take the punt.

    Side note, kinda odd HUKD UI now distinguishes the list price without delivery included. Before, the total price was show in bold orange, that price actually the user of the website cares about!
    PD2K79's avatar
    There is also a feedback/comments section here for the change - hotukdeals.com/dis…412
  7. rich6891's avatar
    Currently £55 on new balance website so this is a great deal. Thanks
  8. Oftm67's avatar
    Been looking for a cheap pair of trainers for work. Not too bothered if they're good or not for running though.
  9. Kkay293's avatar
  10. Ali_Boro's avatar
    Was looking for a casual but comfy everyday wear branded trainers that would go with jeans and these tick the box. Just bought a pair
  11. sully01's avatar
  12. Peter_Conway's avatar
    Thanks, ordered a pair. Never tried New Balance before so this is a good tester - nice appearance, good reviews, good price. Cheers
  13. ialikhan1965's avatar
    Are these wide fitting?
  14. klymo1's avatar
    Thanks, ordered a pair
  15. Evouk's avatar
    These aren't running shoes by any means. Fine for casual walking etc but nothing else.
  16. stuartw's avatar
    Personally I find the knit top trainers wear a lot quicker than other trainers. They normally go at the sides inline with the toe joints where the shoe bends. But hey I'm going to buy them for a cheap everyday pair, then end up gardening and riding the bike in them
  17. smith24v's avatar
    Ordered thanks
  18. Dealzzz105's avatar
    Best running shoes this kind of money can buy! Good value at full price, bargain at £44

    Evouk's avatar
    I'll agree with you! Had several different versions of the Floatride (not got the latest version yet) and they're a great daily trainer, light and breathable. Perfect for 5k, 10k and dare say up to a half marathon.
  19. Hurgz1976's avatar
    Any idea on the sizing/fit?
    KelvinPritchardSmith's avatar
    I don’t have these particular ones but normally a 9 in other brands and have three pairs of New Balance which are also all size 9s.
  20. Andrew_Western's avatar
    What are they like for your toes eating the front, your toes tearing the front top
    A_Gill's avatar
    Hmm yes I got big toes they go through most non leather materials (edited)
  21. PlezStahp's avatar
    Balanced review here:
    tobyjug77's avatar
    Right at the end of this video was he saying a******e?
  22. decosparkle25's avatar
    I'm a size 7 and I have to get an 8.5 in NB for them to fit!
  23. Hal900's avatar
    These will likely be terrible, there is only small contact patches with rubber on the sole. If you use them outdoors the ground will eat up the areas not covered with rubber, this is why they're reduced as they wont last long at all.

    Indoor use though is probably fine.
  24. Wombl3's avatar
    I've given these a go due to being pretty cheap, thanks OP! I'm not expecting them to fit however. I went to the NB outlet store and the sizes were all over the place! Some models a 12 fitted all the way up to 13.5 so christ knows
  25. Chaumum's avatar
    Code isnt working for me
  26. Teddyyuho's avatar
    Code not work
  27. lapos599_'s avatar
    Order one size up. I am size 8, 9 fitted ok. 8 was way too small.
  28. Wombl3's avatar
    Received these yesterday. They'll be going back unfortunately, the arch is very hard and extremely uncomfortable. Worth a try for the money.
  29. engelstein's avatar
    Far too small. Why would a major shoe company make them so much smaller than Nike/adidas/puma/under armour. Sent back for the next size up. 
  30. xxxChrisUKxxx's avatar
    How long did everyone's returns take? Returned on the 28th August and still getting messed around getting my money back.
's avatar